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COVID-Friendly Activities

We get it, this year has created a whole new meaning to “stay-at-home”. If you are like us, we are albeit, impatiently awaiting the time when we never have to hear the word quarantine again. Well, until that time comes we have created a list of top 5 things to do while at home with (or without) kids! These are ways our team members here at Good Earth have actually been keeping busy to pass those quarantine days away. 

  1. Build a fort. Now hear us out. This is an obvious kid-friendly activity, but have you ever built a fort for your kids and thought, wow this, a cup of tea and a good book would be the most relaxing thing right now? Add in some Christmas string lights and bam, your new sanctuary. 
  2. Go rollerblading. Open those old plastic storage bins and dust off those 1990 rollerblades that we all know you still have even though you’ve totally forgotten about them until now. It’s ok, you may be a little rusty, but we won’t judge you!
  3. Plan a picnic. Now we know this is always something everyone loves the idea of.. but never actually does, why is that? A quick trip to the grocery store (or an easy Uber eats call) to grab a cheese board, sandwiches and some drinks is the perfect hassle-free way to actually go that picnic you planned 5 years ago. 
  4. Plan a spa day. Yes, you heard us right.. turn your house or apartment into a custom spa! Run yourself a warm bubble bath, brew a cup of tea, finally put on that super chic face mask you bought last month and sink into a relaxing bliss, even if it is only for 10 minutes.. you deserve it. 
  5. Create an at-home movie theater. Agreeing on the movie will be the most difficult part of this one. So turn off all the lights, pop a bag (or two) of popcorn, grab a drink and some Goobers and head right into your living room sans cell phones for an added touch to make you feel like you are actually at the movies! 

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