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When Tea Is Life

When we say “tea is life,” we mean it. 

Wabi-sabi is more than just a fun word to say. 

It’s a centuries-old way of looking at life that is still expressed in Japanese Tea Ceremonies today. Within these ceremonies, participants sip tea from cups that are anything but perfect. 

What they are, however, is unique. 

Wabi-sabi challenges us to change our perspective on what we consider “beautiful” and “ideal.” 

Whereas the common way of thinking is to label cracks, scuffs, wrinkles, and flaws as unattractive, Wabi-Sabi proposes the opposite. That these imperfections are exactly what makes them special. 

So, as we approach each new season with the colors of nature changing, we offer some ways your mentality can, too.

Here’s a few perspective-altering prompts to help you embrace your Wabi-Sabi: 

  • Go for a walk in nature and enjoy the crunch of leaves (or snow) under your feet. 
  • Put on a cozy sweater and sit outside with a warm cup of tea. 
  • Buy some orange and brown paints (or dust off the ones you own) and create a seasonal artwork. 
  • Collect a handful of your favorite fallen leaves and arrange them from greenest to goldest. 
  • Open the windows and light some candles to enjoy the crisp evening breeze.

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