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Matcha Maker

Matcha Maker
A fascinating and complex blend of matcha green tea and bright citrus flavors
Tea notes: Citrus, Spicy, Earthy

Caffeine level

Ingredients: Green tea, licorice root, orange peel, chamomile, orange oil, natural flavor, ginger root, natural orange flavor with other natural flavors, lime oil, citric acid, steviol glycosides (stevia), matcha green tea, tea extract

sweet & spicy fans love our new blends

Blended with the rich flavor and goodness of matcha and bright bursts of citrus, you’ll fall in love with this complex and playful tea. Featuring licorice root, chamomile, ginger and the natural sweetness only Stevia can deliver, we believe you’ve met your perfect matcha.

path to brewed bliss hot iced

    • 12 oz
      boiling water

    • 1 tea

    • steep
      3-4 min.

    • remove bag
      and enjoy!

    • 12 oz
      boiling water

    • add 1-2
      tea bags

    • steep
      4-7 min.

    • remove bag and let it cool

    • pour over ice and enjoy!




Great taste!
verified online customer
This is my favorite Green Tea flavor and I am finding it more and more difficult to find in stores. Happy to see I can buy directly from Good Earth at a very attractive price!
Review by oomphalo / (Posted on 11/18/2019)
Matcha maker is my favorite tea! The blend is just perfect!
Review by Tealover / (Posted on 11/11/2019)
The Best Green Tea
verified online customer
This is my FAVORITE green tea - it smells amazing, tastes soooo good, & I love the added sweetness (just the right amount!). I will order again because I definitely don't want to be without it.
Review by RJ / (Posted on 10/31/2019)
I love tea!
verified online customer
Matcha Maker is one of my favorites. I like its smooth, sweet taste. Diffently ordering this again.
Review by Fae / (Posted on 10/18/2019)
great taste,wonderful little tea...
verified online customer
been hooked on this tea for many years now..yes we used to buy it a wally world...but just realized we can buy it on line right from good earth..all the better...thks ge
Review by mel / (Posted on 10/4/2019)
Great tea
verified online customer
This is my favorite tea, great taste, not bitter like some green teas, and has a subtle sweetness to it. I wish it was carried in more of the grocery stores like it used to be.
Review by Doogie / (Posted on 9/30/2019)
verified online customer
Usually I’m not a huge fan of tea. It’s there. I drink it. Whatever. I got a tea bag of this tea from a friend in a gift bag. It is absolutely wonderful! I went to this site and immediately bought some. Tastes like sweet honey with matcha to give it something extra. And the scent of it brewing is wonderful as well. I highly recommend.
Review by PDH / (Posted on 8/27/2019)
Love the Macha Maker
verified online customer
I have tried many of the Macha Green Teas and none compare to Good Earth Macha Maker. Love the flavor. No need to add anything else to enjoy it.
Review by Equ123 / (Posted on 6/22/2019)
Great Summer Iced Tea
verified online customer
I cold brew this for my Iced Tea and all friends tell me how much they like it. Very refreshing tea.
Review by Jenny / (Posted on 6/14/2019)
Love this tea!
verified online customer
Love Good Earth teas, trouble is not that many locations carry Macha green tea. Love the taste, enjoy it daily! Will be purchasing again!
Review by Main / (Posted on 5/20/2019)
My favorite tea
Unlike most match tea that can taste like straight grass, this tea is naturally sweet, light and incredible. I drink 3-5 cups a day because I love it. They stopped carrying it at my local grocery so I’ve had to order online and it’s cheaper here than anywhere else. I adore it and the other teas have become staples as well. I recommend to all my friends and family!
Review by Brit / (Posted on 5/19/2019)
Really good
verified online customer
Awesome taste. Very light.
Review by Joannie / (Posted on 4/25/2019)
verified online customer
So popular at my stores it is often OUT! So, ordering on line was our only way to assure we had it.
Review by Elaine / (Posted on 4/19/2019)
Best Tea
verified online customer
This is one of the best teas on the market-I buy it for myself and my daughter. Don't ever get rid of it!!! Please
Review by Ginger / (Posted on 2/21/2019)
Best Tea I've Had
verified online customer
I tried this tea years ago and still have not found a tea I like more. I bought 6 boxes. :) I also love the quotes on this brand's teabags - more than yogi tea quotes. I get excited to see what my quote of the day is.
Review by Marcy / (Posted on 1/23/2019)
verified online customer
I read about the benefits of matcha tea but so many that I tried were just not good tasting. This is by far the best matcha tea (and the only one I now drink) you have tasted. It is not too sweet, and the taste is light and wonderful.
Review by Pamela / (Posted on 1/18/2019)
My favorite Tea!
verified online customer
I am a tea drinker and am always looking for a new flavor. I discovered Matcha Maker a while ago and it is my absolute favorite! It's got just the right flavor and I drink about 6 cups a day.
Review by Marty / (Posted on 11/12/2018)
Green tea done right
verified online customer
This is by far the most flavorful green tea I have ever had, such a great refreshing taste. I drink it everyday
Review by Holly / (Posted on 11/4/2018)
verified online customer
I love the orange flavor, tastes like orange creme soda, without the sugar and fizz.
Chamomile is good for calming one's nerves. Ginger is good for the tummy. Lime oil good for the teeth! And Matcha good even when it escapes the bag, which I should make it do as it works better when you drink the powder.
Review by Heather / (Posted on 10/23/2018)
A taste of home
verified online customer
It has the loving hint of citrus plus the sweet and the spice turns anywhere you sit while sipping this tea a relaxing sanctuary
If I could I would give this a 20/5 stars, I will be getting this again.
Review by bryon / (Posted on 10/12/2018)
Perfect matcha
verified online customer
This is the best matcha tea I have ever tried!
Review by Lindsay / (Posted on 10/8/2018)
Very interesting
verified online customer
I really like this tea. I agree that it is not a strong matcha taste but has very interesting subtle citrus flavors. I was pleasantly surprised even though I was expecting a strong matcha taste. I would buy it again for sure.
Review by Valerie M / (Posted on 9/4/2018)
Matcha Maker
I absolutely love this tea. I bought it at my local grocery store a while back and could not find it there after. They only carry the sweet and spicy, which I love, but Matcha Maker is a refreshing alternative. Hot or iced, this green tea will not disappoint. It is a flavorful green tea. If you like subtle I would not reach for this one-- which is why I like it so much.
Review by Hallie / (Posted on 9/4/2018)
We Love Matcha
verified online customer
We have fallen in love with this tea! We order this exclusively. We even mail this to our son, in The Marines, his team asks for it in their “Care Packages”.
Review by Christine / (Posted on 7/28/2018)
Matcha me happy!!
verified online customer
I’ve tried different matcha teas & with some the flavor is just too overwhelming, that it becomes an acquired taste. This matcha has a subtle, smooth flavor with just the right hint of matcha & orange flavor. Love it as ice tea too!!
Review by Dusica / (Posted on 6/3/2018)
Lost and Found!
verified online customer
I had been buying the Matcha Maker green tea that I love at a Walmart near me. Then they stopped carrying it and only had the orange spice one that was ok but not as GOOD as the Matcha Maker! I looked at all of the other stores in our area for a few months and had no luck finding it. Thus, I resorted to googling it and found I could order online! Very happy to receive it! Thank you!!
Review by Leslie Irwin / (Posted on 5/7/2018)
Live on this stuff
verified online customer
I have always been a tea drinker but Matcha Maker is now the only teas I drink and i buy them by the case regularly. I drink it hot in the morning and iced in the afternoon. I get nervous every time I go to order that it won't be available since I can no longer find it locally.
Review by Robin Lineal / (Posted on 5/7/2018)
Current favorite
verified online customer
This has been my favorite for some time. I always recommend it to others. Love that I don’t have to add anything to it and it is the perfect amount of sweetness.
Review by Emily / (Posted on 3/10/2018)
verified online customer
I love the smell and everything about this. It’s great cold, hot, as a latte. I absolutely love this tea!!! Forever favorite!
Review by Scarlett Pierson / (Posted on 2/27/2018)
Best Green Tea
verified online customer
This is the best green tea I have tasted! No extra sugar or anything needed for this tea. I drink a cup everyday cause it is that good. Will not drink any other green tea on the market.
Review by Erica / (Posted on 2/27/2018)
My favorite tea of all time.
verified online customer
First experienced Match Maker at friend'd tea party, and loved it instantly. It has totally converted me to be a hot tea lover. I have always love loved iced tea, but hot tea not so much. Now can't seem to get enough of the Matcha Maker.
Review by Debbi / (Posted on 2/10/2018)
Great tea, great service
verified online customer
Both my husband and I have switched from coffee to matcha tea. We both have health issues and have seen an improvement in the numbers from our blood work. That being said it also just plain enjoyable way to start the day.
The service is prompt and good from goodearth as we find it different to find in the grocery.
Review by Cyndi West / (Posted on 1/22/2018)
verified online customer
Great product I have used for over 8 years now. Love it, keep making the Matcha.
Review by Greg Hjelm / (Posted on 1/8/2018)
Green Tea
verified online customer
Matcha Maker is one of my all time favorite green tea. Matcha Maker is good but I really miss the Organic Tropical Rush it was No. 1 all time favorite.
Review by Brenda Cooley / (Posted on 1/7/2018)
Officially my favorite tea
I found Matcha Maker about a year ago and I have been buying it ever since. I love it alone, but I sometimes make a pot mixed half and half with this and either Pomegranate Burst or a lemon tea. Sometimes it is a little hard to find in stores so I figured I'd go straight to the source.
Review by Rebecca G. / (Posted on 1/3/2018)
I discovered this by accident as I love the GE Sweet & Spicy but wanted some health benefits of Green Tea which I don't really like. I saw this was lower caffeine than most Greens so tried it. OH MY GOSH! BEST EVER! I gave it to family & friends and everyone LOVES it! BUT, the only place we could find it was Walmart- and they were often out. (we all buy up the stock!) Now, Walmart doesn't even carry it. Not sure about buying tea (with shipping) online.
Review by Shell in San Diego / (Posted on 1/2/2018)
verified online customer
Stumbled upon this tea by chance and I'm so glad I did! It's so good and I'm really picky about my tea! I passed it around to my coworkers and 3 placed orders the same day!
Review by Jenn / (Posted on 12/20/2017)
Matcha Green Tea is Awesome
verified online customer
I've always been a fan of the Good Earth Sweet & Spicy tea which, in my estimation, is the best pre-prepared tea out there. So, thought I'd give some of Good Earth's green tea's a shot. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the taste of green teas. They're decent, but aren't really the most tasteful in my estimation. I drink them mainly for the presumed health benefits.

Good Earth has, in typical fashion, really hit the mark with their Matcha green tea as well as some of their other flavors (check out Pomegranate Burst which is also very good). The Matcha line is delicious and really adds a nice flavor for us green tea drinkers who are not green tea purists. Definitely worth a try! Love it!
Review by Robert / (Posted on 12/11/2017)
My Wife's Favorite Green Tea
verified online customer
For years now, Matcha Maker is the only Green Tea that my Wife will drink. We first discovered it in a grocery store in Oroville Washington and have been buying it ever since. Sometimes it is out of stock, that's why we buy it directly now.
Well done, beautiful drink!
Review by Edwin Dukes / (Posted on 12/7/2017)
Delightfully delicious
I have been a tea drinker for as long as I can remember and this one is my absolute favorite. Please don't ever discontinue this delicious tea. If you do then I need to be able to have the recipe in order to make it for myself. Not that that will happen but that's just how much I love and need this delightful tea that you have designed and produced.
Review by Debra / (Posted on 11/18/2017)
The best!
verified online customer
This is my favorite tea! I could no longer find it in local stores, so decided to order directly from the site. The shipping time wa phenomenol! I will order again!
Review by Kim / (Posted on 11/17/2017)
verified online customer
Great tasting and refreshing with no need to add sugar
Review by stan / (Posted on 11/7/2017)
Best Green tea EVER!
verified online customer
Stumbled across this trying to find a naturally sweetened tea. Have drank many brands of green tea and this is by far the best. I can't always find it locally so I tried some other Matcha teas....don't even waste your money on them. This is by far the BEST one anywhere!
Review by Laurie / (Posted on 11/6/2017)
The BEST matcha
Although I’ve always drank green tea I’m just now being introduced to Matcha. I’ve tried a few other brands but this brand is by far the BEST!!!! I purchased two boxes. I plan to drink a cup a day (at least).
Review by Christine / (Posted on 10/17/2017)
Crisp, slightly sweet, never bitter!
verified online customer
This is my family's favorite green tea. It is delicious hot or cold.
Review by Shauna / (Posted on 8/8/2017)
Match Maker is my cup a Tea
verified online customer
I have tried a number of other teas but Match Maker is the best I have ever had.
Review by Dan / (Posted on 5/10/2017)
The only tea I drink
verified online customer
Good Earth Matcha Maker is the best tasting Matcha tea I have ever had.
Review by Brandy / (Posted on 5/18/2019)
verified online customer
I liked the overall taste of this tea a lot! Not a strong matcha taste, which I like. Smooth and flavorful. Just make sure to not use too much water!
Review by Bre / (Posted on 8/17/2018)
Very Nice Tasting Tea
This tea is very smooth and has wonderful notes of orange. My only issue is that it's sweet because it has stevia in it. I just wish I would have the option of adding a sweetener. Otherwise, a nice tea all around.
Review by Francine McGrew / (Posted on 3/16/2018)
doesn't taste anything like matcha
I was really excited to try this flavor, but I was greatly disappointed. How on earth did they create this thinking its matcha or green tea? I don't taste any of those flavors but I tasted licorice root and I was right when i was looking at the ingredient list. I've never looked at a tea ingredient list before, I just had to for my own curiosity on what I just bought. Sorry flavor fail...
Review by annie / (Posted on 4/1/2018)
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