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Organic Sweet & Spicy Green Tea

Organic Sweet & Spicy Green Tea
Organic steamed green tea infused with organic spicy cinnamon and natural grapefruit and mango flavor
Tea notes: Sweet, Spicy, Tropical

Caffeine level

Ingredients: organic steamed green tea, organic lemongrass, organic cinnamon, organic rosehips, organic fennel seed, natural grapefruit flavor with other natural flavors, organic natural mango flavor with other natural flavors, organic ginger root, natural flavors

sweet & spicy fans love our new blends

When nothing less than organic ingredients will do, this is the Sweet & Spicy green tea for you. We took organic steamed green tea and infused it with sweet pops of organic mango and the tangy taste of grapefruit then spiced things up with organic cinnamon, lemongrass, rosehips, fennel seed, and ginger. Equally as delicious served hot or cold.

path to brewed bliss hot iced

    • 12 oz
      boiling water

    • 1 tea

    • steep
      3-4 min.

    • remove bag
      and enjoy!

    • 12 oz
      boiling water

    • add 1-2
      tea bags

    • steep
      4-7 min.

    • remove bag and let it cool

    • pour over ice and enjoy!




Love Sweet & Spicy Green Tea
I was a huge fan of Good Earth's Citrus Kiss green tea as it was the only green tea I liked. I was so disappointed when I couldn't buy it anymore. I finally tried the Sweet & Spicy Green tea and love it. The box I purchased at the grocery store doesn't list "caffeine" in the ingredients or anywhere on the box. However, in checking Good Earth's web site, I found that it has a level 2 out of 3 caffeine level.
Review by TJ / (Posted on 4/21/2020)
Great flavor!
verified online customer
The flavor is wonderful; I drink this tea all day long!
Review by deb / (Posted on 12/3/2018)
Good Earth Green Tea
verified online customer
Organic sweet and spicy green tea is the best. I have tried a lot of green tea in the past 20 years and most if not all of it except this leaves a bitter and nasty taste in my mouth and after drinking it also. I am sure there are some out there that don't. I drink green tea for its health benefits and I am just hoping that it has a good amount or maximum amount of the health benefits as other green teas. At least I can drink this and enjoy it.
Review by Mary / (Posted on 3/22/2018)
Personal favorite.
verified online customer
Never liked the overall essence or flavor of any green tea. For whatever reason all that I ever tried seemed to cause me to feel a bit queasy.
This one changed all that.
Having a cup (or, two...) of your Organic Sweet and Spicy green tea has become a favorite part to my every day. It's that good.

Review by Karen Shields / (Posted on 1/27/2018)
Sweet and spicy
Love the mix of sweet and spicy. Not too much of each
Review by Mariah / (Posted on 1/26/2018)
Yummy perk!
verified online customer
I was wondering if the Sweet & Spicy GREEN tea would be as flavorful as the regular black tea I usually buy...and it is! It's different - more fruity...lighter/less dense in's delicious and has plenty of caffeine perk for me. Glad I bought it in bulk!
Review by Aleia / (Posted on 12/10/2017)
Delicious Organic Green Tea
verified online customer
Good Earth's Organic Sweet & Spice Green Tea is delicious with vibrant notes of lemongrass and cinnamon. I drink 4-5 cups of this daily. The taste of this tea is quite relaxing in a fragrant way.
I love this tea! Thank you Good Earth for a high-quality tea.
Review by Kathleen Wight / (Posted on 12/6/2017)
My afternoon tea
verified online customer
This is a new one for me, and is my afternoon go to tea now. Wonderful flavor & balance.
Review by Glenn Meyer / (Posted on 12/3/2017)
Good way to drink green tea
verified online customer
I do not particularly care for green tea, but in an effort to attend to good health, I decided to try this tea, especially as I really like the GE Naturally Sweet & Spicy tea. This green tea is palatable and pleasant and I think it might grow on me.
Review by Ellen / (Posted on 5/17/2019)
Great tea
verified online customer
I love this tea
Review by Drumlady / (Posted on 4/30/2019)
Green Tea
verified online customer
I like better than other teas I've tried!
Review by ed benedetti / (Posted on 3/19/2018)
Sweet and Spicy Green Tea
verified online customer
I happen to like a stronger more robust flavor better, but it is the best green tea I have tried so far.

I never got any free samples with my order.
Review by Harriet Seavey / (Posted on 2/4/2018)
I have to be honest, I tried the sweet and spicy tea first and thought it was the BEST tea since sliced bread! So when I tasted the green sweet and spicy I was a little disappointed. It did not taste nearly as good as the one I tasted first. It was just ok to me. It didn't taste "sweet and spicy".
Review by Shadiah / (Posted on 6/4/2018)
Very disappointing - no flavor at all
I'm a huge Good Earth Sweet & Spicy, caffeine Free fan so was thrilled to see a new-to-me flavor Sweet & Spicy Green tea. However, it has no flavor what so ever - let alone sweet & spicy. Ingredients list green tea - which I can taste, but there are no notes of the other listed flavors including lemongrass, cinnamon, rose hips (which I don't like but still can't taste) fennel etc. Expiration date is 30Sept18 so maybe the box is old, but I expected better for $4.59.
Review by Frasc / (Posted on 4/29/2018)
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