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Herbal Teas

Shop Good Earth’s rich assortment of premium loose Herbal teas. Unlike true teas, herbal teas are not really “tea” at all, but rather a magical marriage of herbs, fruits, spices, and rare botanicals. These low to no-caffeine flavors are an excellent, organic choice for a warm evening drink, but can also be enjoyed as an iced beverage. Our diverse and delicious herbal teas are made from the finest ingredients such as lavender, rose petals, fruit pieces, white chocolate, and a variety of other spices. Reusable tins are available to purchase in loose leaf or biodegradable sachets.

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  • Good Earth Ayurveda Peace Good Earth Ayurveda Peace

    Ayurveda Peace

    A chamomile tea blended with sweet cinnamon and a touch of zesty orange peel. These herbs perfectly complement each other in a tempting and aromatic brew.


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