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Sweet & Spicy Good Night

Sweet & Spicy Good Night
Naturally caffeine free chamomile flowers blended with juicy dragonfruit and spicy cinnamon
Tea notes: Sweet, Spicy, Fruity

Caffeine level

Ingredients: Chamomile flowers, organic chamomile, natural dragon fruit flavor with other natural flavors, natural cinnamon flavor with other natural flavors, natural flavors

sweet & spicy fans love our new blends

Why should getting a good night's sleep be boring? Our master blenders took top notch chamomile flowers and blended these with exotic juicy dragon fruit and spicy cinnamon! Enjoyed both hot and cold, this soft and soothing cup is for that sweet moment before you doze off to sweet dreams

path to brewed bliss hot iced

    • 12 oz
      boiling water

    • 1 tea

    • steep
      3-4 min.

    • remove bag
      and enjoy!

    • 12 oz
      boiling water

    • add 1-2
      tea bags

    • steep
      4-7 min.

    • remove bag and let it cool

    • pour over ice and enjoy!




My favorite
verified online customer
This is honestly my all time favorite tea, delicious and relaxing
Review by Catherine / (Posted on 8/5/2019)
Wonderful prelude to a good night's sleep
verified online customer
Never mind the wintery night. I have a crackling fire, a good book and a warm mug of Sweet & Spicy Good Night. Couldn't be more cozy.
Review by Noraexplora / (Posted on 1/29/2019)
Perfect for a nightcap
verified online customer
Sweet & Spicy Good Night Tea has become our go-to before-bedtime drink. The chamomile is soothing and the spiciness gives the tea a little pleasant tang without being overwhelming. The tea relaxes us which is exactly what we need to ensure a good night's sleep!
Review by Marie / (Posted on 12/30/2018)
Sweet & Spicy Good Night
verified online customer
I love this tea, it is so soothing!
Review by Patricia Mogler / (Posted on 3/22/2018)
Best. Tea. Ever!
verified online customer
Very delicious tea and lots of flavor with just the right amount of sweet.
Review by Jill / (Posted on 3/7/2018)
I bought a box of this tea from Albertson's supermarket. I was looking for a caffeine-free tea to drink at night. Most of the spice blend teas have anise in the ingredients and I hate anise. This one didn't so I thought I'd try it. I let it steep about 10 minutes to get the full flavor and then added a teaspoon of agave. It smells wonderful and tastes delicious! I think the comments about it being weak is possibly because they didn't give the tea a long enough chance to steep. This is my new favorite nighttime tea.
Review by Shelley / (Posted on 2/19/2018)
verified online customer
Just tried Sweet & Spicy good night. It’s delicious, soothing & a nice end to my evening.
Review by Karen Maule / (Posted on 1/9/2018)
Love it at bedtime
verified online customer
Getting to sleep if often difficult for me and a hot cup of night time tea helps
Review by Martha / (Posted on 1/5/2018)
Gteat Tea
verified online customer
Excellent taste
Review by Robert / (Posted on 12/20/2017)
Great Tea
verified online customer
Good Tasting
Review by Robert SILVESTRONE / (Posted on 12/20/2017)
Soothing and flavorful!
verified online customer
I love this tea! It is very soothing for before bedtime, and the flavor is great- not overpowering.
Review by Cathy / (Posted on 12/13/2017)
A wonderful tea to end the day!
verified online customer
I was not a huge tea drinker in the evening, till I found this one.Beautiful soft notes and lite on the caffeine.Very soothing..before bed.
Review by Glenn Meyer / (Posted on 12/3/2017)
Love it!
verified online customer
This is a delicious addition to the Sweet and Spicy collection, a wonderful tea to enjoy in the evening. My husband and I both enjoy its flavor and relaxing after effects.
Review by Nancy / (Posted on 10/13/2017)
Sweet & Spicy Good Night
verified online customer
This is the night time tea I have been searching for. Others have been too mild for me. This tea certainly works if you like cinnamon. I love cinnamon.
Review by Earl / (Posted on 10/9/2017)
verified online customer
Very soothing! Perfect after a long day!
Review by Amy / (Posted on 3/28/2019)
Wonderful night time tea
verified online customer
wonderful taste. great night time tea. Better if allowed to steep a little longer.
Review by mekenna / (Posted on 10/14/2018)
verified online customer
Maybe it was just positive thinking, but this tasty tea did make me drowsy and i slept well. It's a comforting cup at bedtime!
Review by Dorene / (Posted on 9/28/2018)
Great with milk & honey!
verified online customer
I like Good Night tea, which is Good Earth’s chamomile tea. If you’ve never tried chamomile tea, be forewarned that it has a very light flavor (let it steep!) and don’t expect any of the earthy notes you get from tea leaves or Rooibos. This tea blend is complimented well by just a bit of honey and milk. With nothing added, the tea itself is slightly sweet. You can taste the cinnamon in it, but it’s just a hint of spice. If you’re looking for something soothing - not spicy! - this tea is for you! I recommend it for relaxing before bed, cold nights, and soothing sore/dry throats. I bet little kids would like it too!
Review by Christine Fisher / (Posted on 8/23/2018)
Sweet & Spicy Good Night
verified online customer
Nice, relaxing combo of chamomile and spices to drink in evening. It's good, but I still like the original S&S Caffeine Free best.
Review by Nancy Hartley / (Posted on 3/9/2018)
Sweet and Spicy Goodnight tea
verified online customer
It's very good, but I prefer the decaf Sweet and Spicy.
Can't really tell the difference, except the decaf seems more flavorful.
Review by Irene Fortuna / (Posted on 12/2/2017)
This is a very light tea. It was not as sweet as I had thought the sweet and spicy would be. Nor can I say it helped me sleep. Only a club over my head will do that I fear.
Review by mlk / (Posted on 11/23/2017)
Good Earth Good Night Tea
verified online customer
I love good earth tea so I wanted to try Good Night tea. It is good, not the strength of Goid Earth tea but it has a heavy valarian tang which detracts from the taste in my opinion. It does promote rest.
Review by Diana Durso / (Posted on 11/8/2017)
Sweet and Spicy
verified online customer
Disappointed, do not taste any spicy.
Review by Frank Dias / (Posted on 5/16/2018)
Good. Just not good for me.
Good night tea is mostly chamomile, which has a nice sweet aroma. However, the tea brewed weak, and leaving the tea bag in longer to steep had no effect. I satisfied my curiosity, and now I have 14 out of 15 teabags to spare.
Review by Kreela Moore / (Posted on 3/21/2018)
Good Night Tea, Mild
verified online customer
I like that it's caffeine free, it's soft and very mild, unfortunately there really isn't much flavor, but maybe that's just personal preference on my part. If someone out there is looking for a semi-sweet and somewhat potent tea, I'd recommend Sweet & Spicy Herbal tea. I can flavor an entire large water bottle using the latter mentioned tea, and it also comes in caffeine free!
Review by Kylette A Wilkinson / (Posted on 12/8/2017)
Weak Taste
Not much flavor when brewed as directed and what was there wasn't winning any taste contests for me.
Review by Leah / (Posted on 4/2/2018)
Not crazy about this one.
verified online customer
I did not care for the S & S Good Night tea. I hate to be critical as I LOVE your other Sweet and Spicy teas. I drink a cup of the decaffeinated S & S every night at bedtime and I find it to be amazingly relaxing and delicious.
Review by Janice / (Posted on 3/7/2018)
Relaxing but bland
I was excited for a new version of Sweet and Spicy. While I do seem to relax nicely after this in the evening, even with two tea bags and 10 minutes of steeping, it barely has any flavor. Nothing like the original Sweet and Spicy.
Review by Pat / (Posted on 7/21/2017)
too bland
no taste at all, like water, very disappointed
Review by MARION / (Posted on 1/1/2019)
Not what I expected
verified online customer
I love the Sweet & Spicy in the orange box. I expected this one to be as sweet, spicy and bold as that one. For me it had very little flavor by comparison.
Review by Ken / (Posted on 4/20/2018)
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