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Sweet & Spicy Caffeine Free

Product Review (submitted on November 21, 2019):
Many people know how incredible the flavors are in GE's Sweet & Spicy tea but two thing you may not know: 1. If you add a little bit of fresh squeezed Meyer Lemon, it boost all the flavors and is even better, 2, If you suffer from acid reflex at night, drink a hot cup of the Sweet&Spicy (decaf) tea before bed and you won't have the acid issues. I don't know why, but it works. Lastly, I always make a large batch of Iced tea for my afternoon parties using the decaf Sweet & Spicy (as some people are sensitive to caffeinated foods) with a little Meyer Lemon added and I always have someone asking where did I get that amazing tea.....and that's the results you want to hear!