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Sweet & Spicy

Product Review (submitted on November 15, 2018):
I've been addicted this tea for at least 5 years. Used to buy it in Target and then had to start buying it online. I usually buy 6-12 boxes at a time. I love it hot. Another thing I LOVE to do is when I go for a run I make two cups of tea. I let it get really strong for the hour I am out running, and then when I come back I throw a ton of a ice in a big cup and pour the hot tea in it. Because the tea is SO strong by then, and then watered down with ice, it tastes amazing. I have introduced this tea to so many people over the years. Usually they will smell my tea in the room and ask "what is that?!" I give them a bag and next thing I know they are buying it too. I have tried other brands that claim to be orange spice but none are as good as this Good Earth tea.