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Sweet & Spicy Caffeine Free

Sweet & Spicy Caffeine Free
Naturally caffeine free rooibos red tea infused with spicy cinnamon and sweet orange
Tea notes: Sweet, Spicy, Floral

Caffeine level

Ingredients: rooibos, chicory root, natural flavor, rosehip, cinnamon, lemongrass, peppermint, chamomile, ginger root, anise seed, orange oil, orange peel

sweet & spicy fans love our new blends

Want to satisfy your craving for Sweet & Spicy, but without all the caffeine? We believe we have the perfect tea for you. We took naturally caffeine-free Rooibos tea and infused it with sweet pops of citrus, then spiced things up with cinnamon and other flavors to get your tongue tingling like lemongrass, peppermint, anise seed, and ginger. With Sweet & Spicy Caffeine Free, you really can have it all!

path to brewed bliss hot iced

    • 12 oz
      boiling water

    • 1 tea

    • steep
      3-4 min.

    • remove bag
      and enjoy!

    • 12 oz
      boiling water

    • add 1-2
      tea bags

    • steep
      4-7 min.

    • remove bag and let it cool

    • pour over ice and enjoy!




Loved the tea.
verified online customer
I discovered the tea in a gift shop while vacationing in Montana. I was blown away with how good it is. So when my purchase was used up, I went online to purchase more., and I enjoy a mug of your tea every day.
Review by Mary / (Posted on 10/20/2019)
great product
My brother introduced me to Sweet & Spicey on a recent visit. It is a refreshing choice hot or cold. Usually I don't do hot tea, this is the exception. It fits in with our dietary plans of healthy eatting.
Review by Darrell / (Posted on 10/14/2019)
verified online customer
I love this tea!! It reminds me of Big Red Gum! Perfect scent and flavor, heavy cinnamon with a slight sweetness. Love it.
Review by JON4ANG / (Posted on 9/19/2019)
Great Hot or Cold!
verified online customer
A good friend introduced me to your Sweet & Spicy tea, and changed everything for me! I only drink non-caffeine tea, and was amazed at the robust flavor of this tea. And, even better, I try to eliminate processed sugar from my diet, and this tea is naturally sweet, needing nothing added. I have enjoyed it hot AND cold... it makes delicious iced tea. (Hint for faster access to cold tea: Brew desired # of teabags in a small amount of boiling water - I do 8 bags in 2 cups of water. Steep, allow to cool a little, then add cold water & ice cubes to the full amount of water needed (8 cups). Dee-lish!!
Review by Ricky / (Posted on 9/10/2019)
Fabulous - Glad I found it!!
I am a fan of the original Good Earth Tea and the namesake restaurants. I have been searching for the successor tea and found it in my local supermarket. It is absolutely fabulous with the identical wonderful taste. Thank you for making this product.
Review by retail value / (Posted on 9/9/2019)
The Spice in my Life
verified online customer
I love Good Earth Sweet and Spicy teas, but especially the caffeine free at night. It takes care of my sweet tooth and smells divine. My friends love it too.
Review by Red / (Posted on 8/27/2019)
Favorite tea!
verified online customer
I am always looking for good herbal teas that have a lot of flavor. Sweet & Spicy Caffeine Free fills that requirement and is caffeine free! Love Good Earth teas!
Review by Les / (Posted on 8/15/2019)
Love it!
verified online customer
Thanks so much for staying in business o very long. I've just started ordering your Sweet & Spicy teas on-line because it's such a better deal than in the local grocery store. I am hooked! And the "no caffeine" variety is perfect for when I have my afternoon tea a little too late in the day. Love them both!
Review by Robby / (Posted on 8/13/2019)
Very good.
verified online customer
I enjoy a worm cup of Sweet and Spicy tea each evening as I look forward to a visit with family via Skype. It is relaxing and just the right touch to enjoy as I visit with my loved ones.
Review by Ginny / (Posted on 8/13/2019)
Really Awesome Tea
verified online customer
It doesn't have the kick like the Original, but it is just what is needed in the evening to calm the day away. !! Love Good Earth Tea!
Review by Trisha / (Posted on 8/12/2019)
Sweet and spicey says it all
verified online customer
I have been drinking this tea for awhile and I love it.Has the right amount of kick to it with the cinnamon.Great for a late night drink.
Review by Daycare momma / (Posted on 8/8/2019)
Good flavor to have with breakfast
verified online customer
Caffeine gives me the jitters but I like some flavor with my tea and this one is it! Love the cinnamon and ginger flavors.
Review by Riddley / (Posted on 8/7/2019)
Best tea ever!
Best tea ever! Love cinnamon candy? This is like drinking one. It's now a part of my daily routine!
Review by Debra Keirce / (Posted on 8/5/2019)
verified online customer
I am a tea freak and the "Sweet and Spicy" tea is my absolute favorite! LOVE it! It is soooo full of flavor!
Review by Jillene / (Posted on 8/4/2019)
Nice morning tea
verified online customer
I love cinnamon and this tea brings a robust flavor to my morning cup.
Review by Riddley / (Posted on 8/4/2019)
Best Iced Tea for generations
verified online customer
I often have a big jar of this iced tea on hand so young an old can enjoy it without the caffeine. It also fights my sweet tooth in the afternoon when I start foraging for a sweet treat. And I can still sleep at night.
Review by Mountain Grandma / (Posted on 8/1/2019)
Delightful After-Dinner Tea
verified online customer
Absolutely delightful flavor...just wish the shipping charges hadn't exceeded the cost of the tea.
Review by Tea Snob / (Posted on 6/30/2019)
Best tea on the planet
verified online customer
I seriously can't live without this tea! I have a cup every night summer and winter, spring and fall. So satisfying to sit in my chair after dinner watching a tv program and drinking my tea.
Review by JTH / (Posted on 6/28/2019)
Best Tasting Tea in a bag
verified online customer
I've been drinking Swee & Spicy Caffeine Free for years. It is very hard to find on the East Coast - I buy it online. Excellent
Review by joanfrac / (Posted on 6/23/2019)
Best Tasting Tea in a bag
verified online customer
I've been drinking Swee & Spicy Caffeine Free for years. It is very hard to find on the East Coast - I buy it online. Excellent
Review by joanfrac / (Posted on 6/23/2019)
verified online customer
i have been drinking this tea iced since the resturant in LOS Gatos served it in the 70,s.The resturant was called the good earth and back then it was healthy.
Review by PAM / (Posted on 5/21/2019)
verified online customer
Best cinnamon tasting tea I have ever had. Is my night time treat.
Review by Angie / (Posted on 5/18/2019)
verified online customer
Nice iced! I put one black tea bag and one one decaf tea bag in a giant mug and they keep me rolling all day.
Review by MLE / (Posted on 5/15/2019)
So so sweet
verified online customer
I love to steep it overnight by putting the tea bag in my thermos before bedtime. The next morning is so so sweet and spicy. A great way to wake up!
Review by Karen / (Posted on 5/8/2019)
I'm "hooked"
verified online customer
I have been using Good Earth Sweet & Spicy for over 20 years and haven't drank coffee since the beginning. - highly recommend it to everyone. It's just the BEST!
Review by Ann / (Posted on 4/25/2019)
I love this stuff !! It is amazing and have been recommending to to all my peeps!!
Review by Marybernadette / (Posted on 4/15/2019)
verified online customer
Love the aroma, the full flavor and sense of satisfaction in this tea.
Review by SK501 / (Posted on 4/6/2019)
Wonderful Tea
verified online customer
I have been waiting patiently for this tea to come back in stock. It is my favorite tea, hands down. Keep up the good work.
Review by Plano Diva / (Posted on 3/30/2019)
Perfect for evenings
verified online customer
Comforting and warming on cold evenings.
Review by Nanette / (Posted on 3/14/2019)
Absolutely Fantastic
verified online customer
The flavor of this tea is off the charts and it is so sweet right out of the bag. I couldn't be happier with my purchase and will be back for more!
Review by Blick / (Posted on 3/6/2019)
A Cinnamon Bedtime Delight!
verified online customer
This is my nightly treat before bedtime. It's warm and sweet and the cinnamon is so fragrant and comforting. Sweet Dreams!
Review by Diane / (Posted on 3/1/2019)
verified online customer
I tasted this Sweet & Spicy tea at a retreat center in San Rafael, CA and I was hooked immediately. Spectacular flavors ... great for a rainy day!
Review by Cito / (Posted on 3/1/2019)
verified online customer
I stumbled across this tea at a bed and breakfast during a recent vacation. I came home and immediately ordered it. It is absolutely my favorite hot beverage now! The blend of flavors is spot on and decaf is perfect!
Review by Rebecca / (Posted on 2/27/2019)
So good....You'll wish they made every flavor!
verified online customer
Surprise is the common response when anyone drinks this tea...therefore, I have found it to be the best gift ever!
Review by faith / (Posted on 2/26/2019)
Made me a tea drinker
verified online customer
Even after I told a friend I truly wasn't a tea drinker, she sent me a box anyway. After one bag I was hooked, now I have a cup every night before I go to bed. Surprisingly this is one tea I don't add sugar too....a good thing!
Review by Chicago Mama / (Posted on 2/23/2019)
Literally the best tea I've ever had
verified online customer
I'm going to have to buy more because I'm so enamored with this tea that I keep giving it to my friends.
Review by Cassandra / (Posted on 2/15/2019)
Yummy and smells delicious
verified online customer
The tea was excellent!!! I didn't have to add anything to it.
Review by Ebony / (Posted on 2/12/2019)
My favorite caffeine free option
verified online customer
I’ve been a long time fan of the sweet and spicy line. This is the perfect way to get my fix when I don’t want the caffeine! My very favorite tea without the buzz.
Review by Satomi / (Posted on 2/11/2019)
I was giving this tea 3 years ago, my good friend gave it for me i dont drink any thing else.
verified online customer
I was giving this tea 3 years ago, my good friend gave it to me. I don't drink anything else. For everyone that enjoys a good cup of tea, it is great. I have been giving it to all my friends and now my teenage grandson enjoys it too.
Review by titinas tea / (Posted on 2/11/2019)
Excellent taste
verified online customer
I have been drinking Good Earth Sweet and Spicy tea for over 30 years and really enjoy the very robust taste. The decaf tea tastes, to me, the same as the normal tea - really good.
Review by HCURLEY / (Posted on 2/10/2019)
Great gift to friends with cancer.
I really liked this tea. Purchased several sleeves of Sweet and Spicy and sent a box to my friends with cancer when I sent them a little, "Thinking of You" Hope package. The ginger element and no need for sugar helps settle stomachs.
Review by Edi / (Posted on 1/13/2019)
my very favorite tea
verified online customer
This tea has spoiled me for all others. It is my very favorite and I have introduced many others to its wonderfulness.

Beware: If you don't care for the taste of cinnamon you will not like this tea.

It is sweet without any use of sweeteners. Believe me...sweet!

I have also tried the organic version and this is far, far superior in flavor to it. They are not interchangeable.

Do yourself a favor and prepare it properly and you'll end up with a very large cup (easily the equivalent of 2+ mugs.) of deliciously sweet and spicy tea. Warm your cup first. Use freshly boiled water. Let your tea steep for 10+ minutes. Enjoy.
Review by TCB / (Posted on 12/27/2018)
Great stuff!
verified online customer
I started drinking this tea many years ago - it is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy - and with no caffeine, a perfect after dinner treat without calories!
Review by Vicki / (Posted on 12/10/2018)
Favorite tea of all time
verified online customer
This is hands down the best tasting tea I have ever had. It has just the right amount of spice and has a touch of sweetness. I don't like adding anything to my tea and this tea is perfect as is. It is best to steep this for about three minutes to get the full flavor. I bought some other flavors and am looking forward to trying those as well.
Review by Veronica / (Posted on 12/10/2018)
I won't drink any other tea
verified online customer
Found this tea years ago...Its become very difficult to find so when I find it I buy in bulk. It doesn't need any sweetner - its got a bold cinnamon orange taste that's never boring.
Review by Deborah / (Posted on 12/8/2018)
The only tea we drink all year
verified online customer
Sweet and Spicy caffeine free is the only tea we drink and offer our guests. We drink it every day hot or cold. Our guests love it too and since we buy in bulk many times I will send that guest home with a box of the tea. I also use it for last minute hostess gifts. It’s great as an ice tea!
Review by MJ / (Posted on 12/8/2018)
Favorite drink by far
verified online customer
Was so glad to order multiple cases direct at a sale price. I drink this tea morning, afternoon and evening hot and cold. I take bags with me to use when I am out and about, in restaurants and when traveling. It’s absolutely delicious with no caffeine and no calories. My favorite drink!
Review by Lindy / (Posted on 12/8/2018)
Satisfies my after-dinner sweet tooth
verified online customer
After a good evening meal, there is nothing better than a rich, calorie-laden sweet dessert. While that dessert tastes good to me at that moment, as time goes by my weight scale and insulin levels tell a different story. I've tried to find something that will fulfill that after-dinner dessert need without the negative health effects. This tea not only takes care of my sweet tooth, but gives me a nice warm-fuzzy for winding down and getting to sleep. I have my rich, sweet dessert- with the bonus of not only feeling good at the moment- but feels good as time goes on. I love this tea, and so does my health. No additional milk or sweeteners required! Yay!
Review by Tea Queen / (Posted on 12/7/2018)
My favorite tea!
verified online customer
Since I discovered the caffeine free version of Sweet and Spicy Tea from Good Earth, I definitely have a very favorite tea! The flavor is so amazing that other teas don't begin to measure up. I recommend it to all of my friends.
Review by Cherie / (Posted on 12/5/2018)
Love The Caffeine-free Option
verified online customer
Love that I can enjoy my favorite tea at night without worrying about too much caffeine.
Review by Lori / (Posted on 11/29/2018)
verified online customer
I love this tea. It is delicious and I have it frequently instead of a snack. It is absolutely delicious.
Review by Rochelle / (Posted on 11/28/2018)
verified online customer
This is sweet, spicy, aromatic, reviving, all things delightful and as a bonus, no calories and no caffeine! The order was fresh; I have ordered before from other vendors and it was not fresh. Love the tea. Keep making it!
Review by B / (Posted on 11/26/2018)
Great tea
verified online customer
My niece in Henderson NV gave me my first cup of this wonderful tea, it has become my new favorite. The sweetness without using a sweetener is amazing I love how comforting the tea is. Love it!
Review by Sharron / (Posted on 11/25/2018)
Tastebud Delight
verified online customer
I love this tea. It is honestly the best tasting tea I’ve ever had. I drink it everyday. The spice is delicious and overall the tea is so comforting and warming.
Review by Heather / (Posted on 11/16/2018)
Great Tea
verified online customer
Love this tea at night when relaxing. It is decafinated so no fear of being up all night. It is a treat! It's a wonderful alternative to coffee and I find it relaxes me. I gave it to my friend and she loved it also! Love the cinnamon and orange blend!
Review by Lois-Ann / (Posted on 11/11/2018)
Good warming tea.
verified online customer
Warm and comforting. I stock it at my mountain ski rental.
Review by Crush / (Posted on 11/11/2018)
Great stuff!!!
verified online customer
Order arrived in a timely fashion. Very good price thru GE online store. Tea tastes as great as I remember from the ‘80s.
Review by JB / (Posted on 10/17/2018)
Love this tea
verified online customer
Years ago I had this tea in one of your restaurants and loved it. Waxing nostalgic, I mentioned this to my son, who told me they carried it at my local Albertsons store. I bought a box of the decaf variety and it was every bit as good as the regular tea I'd had years ago. So happy to have found this tea again. I was thrilled that he box had an online source. Now I can be assured of having this tea whenever I want.
Review by jeannarie / (Posted on 10/15/2018)
Best tea
verified online customer
I've been drinking this tea all seasons for over 20 years and as my kids say - it makes you feel like home.
Review by lwex / (Posted on 10/15/2018)
Like your tea!!
verified online customer
Best summer tea for me. Now hope to try it in the Fall and Winter. Maybe the hot tea will be good too.
Review by grape / (Posted on 10/6/2018)
Missing that sweet, spicy aroma
I was so out of sorts until I realized it was because I had run out of my Good Earth Sweet and Spicy Tea. It is the perfecct drink midmorning after you have finished your coffee. The sweetness broken up by bursts of spice is exhilarating. I love it.
Review by Brigid / (Posted on 9/18/2018)
verified online customer
I've been drinking this tea for 33 years. Hope to be drinking it for another 30 years!
Review by Peter / (Posted on 9/12/2018)
My Favorite!!!
verified online customer
I have been drinking this tea for about 15 years since a friend insisted I try this. I recently have not been able to find it in stores anymore I was sooo disappointed. Finally I searched online and there you were, I bought a box of six. This is great hot or cold. I find the cinnamon very comforting and soothing to curl up with. I like it with or without creamer it’s truly versatile. Love love love this tea! I have given two of my boxes to friends so they can get hooked on it too! As much as I love my friends it was still hard to give my tea away but I figured it was for the greater good. Everyone should try this tea . . .
Review by Valerie Marcum / (Posted on 9/4/2018)
best tea ever
verified online customer
I have shared this tea with many, many friends and all of them have fallen in love with it after one cup. Spicy, sweet, warm, satisfying, no caffeine to worry about. My go to for hot and also iced tea. Iced tea may be the best.
Review by Mary / (Posted on 9/3/2018)
verified online customer
Review by Mara / (Posted on 8/25/2018)
Goodest tea ever
verified online customer
I love this tea . I make ice tea, can’t get enough of this wonderful tea. It has taken the place of pop in my life, love the flavor.
Review by Kathryn Johnson / (Posted on 8/16/2018)
Great tea!
verified online customer
I had been searching for some time and could not find Good Earth's Sweet & Spicy blend at my local market and so I began my online search to finally locate this wonderful product and I'm so happy I did! It is the simply the best tea ever and I'm so pleased to know that it is still available for purchase directly through Good Earth. Strongly recommend this great herbal tea!
Review by Renee / (Posted on 8/12/2018)
best herbal tea ever!
verified online customer
I love Good Earth's Sweet & Spicy herbal tea--haven't found anything else that tastes as good. It's wonderful cold in the summertime--I make up a cup, let it steep for about 10 mn, then stick it in the fridge for a while. Delicious!
Review by Aly K / (Posted on 7/30/2018)
Best Blend Ever
I first tried this tea by visiting out of the state. My first comment was this is the best tea ever. It still has the same awesome flavor as an iced tea also!
Review by Valerie michael / (Posted on 7/29/2018)
Love that spice
verified online customer
I shop at several stores for this wonderful tasting tea. When I can't find it then order online. It is soo hard to find a caffeine-free favorable tea, love this stuff!! Please do not stop making it, a five-year follower.
Review by Diane wagner / (Posted on 7/28/2018)
Love that spice
verified online customer
I shop at several stores for this wonderful tasting tea. When I can't find it, then I order it online. It is soo hard to find a caffeine-free favorable tea, love this stuff!! Please do not stop making it, a five year follower.
Review by Diane wagner / (Posted on 7/28/2018)
So Wonderful to Re-Connect!
verified online customer
In 2000 I moved from Santa Cruz CA to TN. This year for some reason, I am feeling very nostalgic for my old home and all the wonderful things available to me there. One of which was Good Earth tea. I was over the moon to find them on the internet and placed an order. When the package arrived I ripped it open and immediately made a cup of tea! And, hooray, it just as I remembered it, if not more so. What can I say, I love it!
Review by Charlene Allen / (Posted on 7/27/2018)
My Favorite Tea
verified online customer
Sweet and Spicy Caffeine Free is a staple in our home - summer and winter! It makes great sun tea, that I can drink all day because there is no caffeine. The sweet taste satisfies my sweet tooth and helps me to ignore sugar cravings. I can drink it warm right before bed. I have never found another tea that I enjoy so thoroughly!
Review by Salina Keller / (Posted on 7/26/2018)
Favorite Tea!
This is my new favorite tea! I love my tea on the sweeter side and always put a good amount of honey into every cup. This one is the perfect amount of sweetness all on its own! Sweet and spicy is exactly what this it, the perfect combo. Just picked up the Sweet & Spicy Good Night Tea at Earth Fare and cant wait to try!
Review by Liana / (Posted on 7/7/2018)
Sweet & Spicy Tea
verified online customer
Best customer service! Simply the BEST tea!!
Review by Jennifer Blasko / (Posted on 7/2/2018)
Sweet & Spicy Caffeine Free
verified online customer
What is so great about this product is that I can drink all I want, and not worry about the caffeine. Finally, I have a drink that tastes great, has little or no calories, no caffeine, and can be a great adjunct to dieting. I find that using this tea iced is especially good without the worry of having too much caffeine.
Review by Jerry Lulejian / (Posted on 6/30/2018)
Sweet and Spicy caffeine free
verified online customer
I have enjoyed this tea for years. Thanks for producing such a fine tea.
Review by Shirley Park / (Posted on 6/25/2018)
verified online customer
I love the Sweet and Spicy caffeine free. I put two bags in cold water, put in fridge and enjoy the next day!!
Review by suzanne levinger / (Posted on 6/23/2018)
Best Tea Ever
verified online customer
I've been happily drinking Good Earth Sweet & Spicy tea for decades. It tastes sweet without adding sugar. It has a spicy, refreshing flavor that pleases whether served warm or iced. I do need to watch my caffeine intake, so I order the caffeine free version. This is a truly delicious tea.
Review by Laura / (Posted on 6/23/2018)
verified online customer
I absolutely love the sweet and spicy tea! I’m not a coffee drinker. Once I found this tea, I became a tea drinker! I have tried other brands of tea out of curiosity and always return to my sweet and spicy! I have even introduced sweet and spicy to co-workers who are now addicted to it.
Review by Julie Elliott / (Posted on 6/18/2018)
Decaf sweet & spicy tea
verified online customer
I really liked the Decaf Sweet & Spicy Tea. Delicious!
Review by Betty Ann / (Posted on 6/15/2018)
Love this tea!
verified online customer
I have always loved sweet and spicy so it was nice to find a decaf version I could have before bed. Decaf is hard to find in stores so I was happy to order direct. Tastes just like the familiar sweet and spicy I have loved for years!
Review by Ashley / (Posted on 6/7/2018)
What a treat!
This tea helps me to curb my need for sweets in the evening. I look forward to having it too after I've put my kids to bed and the house is quiet it's just me and my Sweet and Spicy tea! No need to add anything but hot water!
Review by Meladie Espiritu / (Posted on 6/5/2018)
verified online customer
I have loved this tea since I first discovered it years ago. But it's not always easy to find anymore. Now that I know I can order it directly from Good Earth I am happy again. It's such a fragrant and delicious and invigorating tea, hot or cold. It's a treat I give myself when I need one!
Don't stop making this wonderful tea!!
Review by Sheila Weinstein / (Posted on 5/22/2018)
Sweet and Spicy Tea
verified online customer
My Wife and I have Recently Purchased Sweet and Spicy Tea. It Has A Naturally Sweet, Spicy, and Smooth Taste. We Enjoy the Tea after Dinner. Before We Wind Down To Relax Before Bedtime. Excellent ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Review by Charles VanderHyde / (Posted on 5/18/2018)
verified online customer
The Sweet & Spicy caffeine free is fantastic! I love it. So glad I found it again!
Review by Linda Kerns / (Posted on 5/18/2018)
verified online customer
I have been drinking Sweet & Spicy Caffeine Free for years. I love that I can enjoy it hot or iced and with all the sweet and spicy notes in the tea I never feel a need to add sugar as I do with almost every other tea. I love that I can drink it any time of day with needing to worry it will keep me awake. You can also change the level of spiciness by lengthening the steeping time.
Review by Alie / (Posted on 5/17/2018)
summer refreshment
verified online customer
I love this tea iced.
Review by Rita Rousseau / (Posted on 5/15/2018)
Great tea
verified online customer
I love the taste and aroma of your tea. The first thing I do before dinner is to boil my water so when I’m done with dinner , my tea is ready to wash it all down.
Review by Sam Zeidan / (Posted on 5/13/2018)
The Best!
verified online customer
This is my favorite tea of all time and the only tea I drink constantly. Its sweet yet not too sweet flavor, smoothness and lack of caffeine combine to make it the perfect all-day tea.
Review by Kari Stadem / (Posted on 5/9/2018)
The BEST tea I've ever tasted!
verified online customer
I first tried this tea as a complimentary drink when I got a hair trim. And I said OMG, what kind of tea is this? And that's when she told me it's called Good Earth. I had the Sweet & Spicy and it was delicious! I drink tea every day without adding any sweetener but this one is so delicious it's like I get to have a little sweetener without actually adding any sweetener.
Review by Shadiah / (Posted on 5/4/2018)
Classically Great
verified online customer
Sweet & Spicy is a solid classic with just the right blend of heat on the spice and a little sweet to blend. I like to brew a pot and then as it cools drink it over ice. Since it's a decaf tea, I can drink it all day! Thanks for still making it the best!
Review by Kate Sayre / (Posted on 5/4/2018)
Best tea ever !!
verified online customer
I love this tea!! I have always used a natural sweetener like xylitol to sweeten up my tea drinks but none is needed with this sweet and spicy flavor!! I will put 2 tea bags in an 18 oz cup, and after brewing I will let it rest for awhile, then WOW, the flavor is amazing!! I have been drinking this tea for over 40 years and I am glad to say that the great taste has not changed over time!! Still the best tasting tea ever!!
Review by Gloria Murphy / (Posted on 5/2/2018)
Best tea on Earth
verified online customer
Good Earth's Sweet & Spicy tea is simply the best to be found. Before the days of online ordering and retail store availability, I would drive once a month from Phoenix, AZ to Tucson, AZ to purchase this tea from the Good Earth restaurant. This spectacular, delicious tea not only keeps me healthy but has also made me lose interest in sodas and sugary drinks. It's a standard in my daily life.
Review by Lani Greene / (Posted on 4/25/2018)
best tea ever
verified online customer
Drink it every day. Soooo Goooood!
Review by karen / (Posted on 4/25/2018)
I love this tea
verified online customer
I have been drinking SWEET & SPICY CAFFEINE FREE for over 30 years. It is my favorite tea -- it has a robust but sweet taste, and no caffeine.
Review by Steve Lowen / (Posted on 4/23/2018)
Sweet and Spicy
verified online customer
This batch is excellent. It is my go-to brew!
Review by Michael Barton / (Posted on 4/16/2018)
This is my favorite tea of all time!!!
I love this tea!!! This tea is exactly as described, Sweet and Spicy! The aroma is so delightful and the flavor is amazing. This is by far, my favorite tea of all time. A must try!!!
Review by Mindy / (Posted on 4/14/2018)
verified online customer
I got a box as a gift from my sister in law. I love it! If you like cinnamon tea infused with oranges- this is it- it make me feel happy. I looked for the site to order online. I bought 6 boxes,some for gifts.
Review by ALMA FAHME / (Posted on 4/13/2018)
verified online customer
Love sweet and spicy tea. Makes my taste buds smile:)
Review by Dee / (Posted on 4/8/2018)
Best Tea Ever
verified online customer
This is my favorite tea. It has so much flavor and sweetness, it does not even need sugar to make it an enjoyable cup of tea.
Review by Angela Henry / (Posted on 4/7/2018)
best tea ever!!
verified online customer
What can I say this is the best tea for cold days, for sore throats, for tummy upsets, the best tea to just relax for that one moment you can grab! Please don't ever stop making my sweet & spicy!!
Review by Lindsay / (Posted on 4/1/2018)
Best tea ever
verified online customer
I am usually a coffee person but after tasting this year at my hairdressers, I was amazed at how tasty it is.
Review by Julie Stokes / (Posted on 3/27/2018)
verified online customer
This tea is absolutely delicious. I love it with just a little bit of honey.
Review by Marilee Sterner / (Posted on 3/27/2018)
My absolute FAVORITE tea!
After drinking coffee for several years, I gave it up. Discovered this tea and now have it every morning to start my day. It is unique, and every sip makes me smile.
Review by Lisa Derby Oden / (Posted on 3/24/2018)
Like a warm cup of comfort
verified online customer
I have been drinking Good Earth Sweet and Spicy teas for years! They are so delicious, almost like a dessert. In fact i drank them for months when I was on a health and fitness kick whenever I had a craving. Because they are caffeine free, I was able to enjoy all day long —- and reach my weight loss goals because they. Satisfied my sweet tooth and cravings.
Thank you, Love Sweet & Spicy.
Review by Kelly / (Posted on 3/23/2018)
diet saver
verified online customer
This tea is delicious, calms me down and reduces my sugar cravings--how good can it get?
Review by Leslie Van Becker / (Posted on 3/21/2018)
My new dessert
verified online customer
The flavors... sweet AND spicy are outstanding. They are true to the description! I now call it "my new diet dessert".
Review by jeanne katkavich / (Posted on 3/18/2018)
The best tea!! Yummy yummy!
I have been drinking the sweet and spicy tea for years. I can’t get enough. I feel so loved whenever I drink it. I used to be able to purchase it in a local supermarket but not anymore so that was a bummer :(
Review by Dee / (Posted on 3/7/2018)
Awesome Tea
verified online customer
I was introduced to this tea while visiting a friend and I just had to get some for myself. I love the taste. I have a cup in the morning and because it's caffeine free, am able to have a cup in the evening. AWESOME!
Review by Diane / (Posted on 3/7/2018)
Great Taste
verified online customer
Love the taste and it makes great iced tea.
Review by Anita Bourke / (Posted on 3/7/2018)
Spice in the Morning
verified online customer
When I was told by my doctor to refrain from caffeine and coffee, I discovered Good Earth Sweet and Spicy tea. It was spicy enough to wake me up in the morning and sweet enough to enjoy a cup of afternoon tea as well. When I take it to restaurants, I get
comments on how fragrant and good the tea smells. Not only does it smell fragrant
but it tastes wonderful!
Review by Marilyn Hamilton / (Posted on 3/5/2018)
Sweet and Spicy
verified online customer
This is my favorite tea
Review by Sandra Bonar / (Posted on 3/4/2018)
Sweet and Spicy caffeine free tea
verified online customer
I completely LOVE this tea. Has a wonderful taste.
Review by Kim Pettit / (Posted on 2/27/2018)
Sweet & Spicy Caffeine Free
verified online customer
I've ordered your tea for over 15 years and love it
Review by Shirley Jones / (Posted on 2/27/2018)
Best Sweet and Spicy Tea
verified online customer
I have been enjoying Good Earth's unique original sweet & spicy tea since high school (when they had a cafe and served it both hot and iced). There is no tea that compares to it if one likes cinnamon flavor with sweetness. The flavor is bold and delicious. It even substitutes for a snack when I have a sweet craving (not always).
Review by Ivy Cohen / (Posted on 2/21/2018)
The Best Tea I've Ever Tasted
verified online customer
This tea is delicious! It gets better the longer it steeps and doesn't need sugar. I don't know how they do it but the tea has a sweet taste without sugar. Even non tea drinkers love it!
Review by Marie Levine / (Posted on 2/19/2018)
Wintertime Wonder
verified online customer
Aroma fills the room like homemade pie; warming to the belly like brandy, but without the alcohol.
Review by Jane bond / (Posted on 2/13/2018)
Like no other
verified online customer
I knew that my tea-buds would never be the same after trying the Sweet and Spicy tea! The flavor is magical and I adore that I don't need to add sweetener to it-it's already sweet!
Review by Kari Wolbert / (Posted on 2/12/2018)
Sweet & Spicy
verified online customer
I was introduced to this tea in November as a just can't live without having it in my kitchen!! All my guests love it also!!
Review by Shirley / (Posted on 2/12/2018)
This stuff is great!
verified online customer
Every time I want to eat something sweet, like after dinner, if I drink some of this tea, I'm satisfied. My blood sugar hasn't been jacked up and I haven't added any calories.
Review by Marianna / (Posted on 2/9/2018)
verified online customer
Excellent product and excellent service.
Review by Patricia / (Posted on 2/7/2018)
Best tea
verified online customer
The sweet and Spicy tea is so good that I am willing to order it. I first started drinking it years ago when I lived in California at The Good Earth Restaurant in Los Gatos. I am usually a coffee drinker., but this is so tasty, that it works just as well as my coffee, especially in the afternoon, when I use caffeine free.
Review by Shelley / (Posted on 2/3/2018)
The best tea ever
verified online customer
I love it ❤️❤️❤️
Review by Tien / (Posted on 2/3/2018)
Decaf- sweet and spicy tea
We absolutely LOVE this tea!! Drink it everyday!
Review by Anne Heinrich / (Posted on 2/1/2018)
One of the Best Teas Available on the Market
verified online customer
I bought this for my wife who only drinks hot tea and it has to be caffeine free. I only drink iced tea and have tried numerous brands over the years. I’ve tasted my wife’s tea and I have to say, it is really good!
Review by Leland / (Posted on 2/1/2018)
verified online customer
We can never get enough of Sweet and Spicy original. It is delicious tasting and enjoyed by everyone in our home. and also we have introduced it to our friends who also enjoy.
thank you
Review by Ellen / (Posted on 2/1/2018)
Sweet n Spicy Tea
verified online customer
My absolute favorite! Can’t wait to order more! And in bulk!
Review by Ashley Bernatowicz / (Posted on 1/30/2018)
Sweet and Spicy Tea
verified online customer
Very nice tea.
Review by scott / (Posted on 1/29/2018)
Sweet and Spicy
verified online customer
I've been drinking this tea for 20+ years. It's great hot or cold and is the only tea I drink. I've tried other teas (Charleston Tea for instance) but nothing compares.
Review by Cheryl Patrick / (Posted on 1/29/2018)
A cup of comfort!
verified online customer
Sweet and Spicy Good Earth decaffeinated tea is truly a cup of comfort on a cold rainy day. I have been drinking this tea for over a decade and it is still my very favorite. I trust Good Earth to have only the finest teas under it's label.
Review by Sue Spurlin / (Posted on 1/29/2018)
Good Earth Tea - truly good!!!!!
verified online customer
I just love the taste of the Sweet and Spicy Caffeine Free tea. A friend introduced me to the tea probably 2-3 years ago.
Review by Nancy / (Posted on 1/28/2018)
Love the spicy tang to this Good Earth tea (Spicy Caffeine Free Tea) . I am always looking for caffeine free beverages. I have made it into an Ice Tea as well as a hot tea. everyone I serve it to loves it.
Review by Yomar Cleary / (Posted on 1/27/2018)
Love this tea!
verified online customer
I drink the Sweet & Spicy tea every morning and in the evening. I love the flavor and it is caffeine free, so I can have a cup at night.
Review by Rose Marie Geisenhoner / (Posted on 1/25/2018)
verified online customer
I am so thankful to have found Good Earth teas online as I have not found them here in Memphis since moving here a few years ago. The Sweet and Spicy, Black and Caffeine-free, are amazing. I will continue to order these fabulous teas.
Review by Janice / (Posted on 1/23/2018)
The Best Tea
I have been drinking Sweet & Spicy Caffeine Tea for years.
It offers a wonderful combination of spices mixed with Roibos and I never get tired of it.
I drink it all winter long and in the summer it is equally as delicious as ice tea!
Review by Bethany MacDonald / (Posted on 1/21/2018)
Great service
verified online customer
A few days after my order was submitted, I was contacted by a service rep because my full address had not come through on the transaction. I love my tea & am grateful for the speedy action to correct the error so my tea could be sent out.
Review by Elinor Hunter / (Posted on 1/20/2018)
My go-to tea
verified online customer
The caffeine-free version of the Sweet & Spicy tea has been my go-to tea for years. I drink it at all hours of the day and night, hot or iced. I love that it is lightly sweet without being cloying, and I don't need any sweetener in it. My friends and colleagues like it b/c they get to enjoy its lovely smell when I bring my cup into meetings or offer it when we're hanging out. Thank you so much for continuing to offer it!
Review by Karen Weisbrodt / (Posted on 1/11/2018)
So sweet so spicey
I have lived Good Earth sweet and spicey tea since the 1980’s. I live in the East Bay -SF area, the Good Earth was a Berkeley Restraunt. They always had this tea- fresh and hot- a house staple. Thankyou for continuing this brand and flavor of tea- a loyal sweet and soicey girl-Lisa
Review by Lisa Dianda / (Posted on 1/11/2018)
Perfect Relaxer
verified online customer
Great way to end a stressful day and prepare for a good night's rest.
Review by Marcia / (Posted on 1/9/2018)
One-of-a-kind spicy tea
verified online customer
Good Earth Sweet and Spicy Decaff tea has a unique flavor unlike any other tea. It is a wonderfully savory concoction which I've enjoyed for years. Not only that, it offers the full bodied rich flavor and kick of a caffeinated beverage without the caffeine (if it is a time of day you'd rather not have a caffeine high, or if you just avoid caffeine in general).
Review by Marta Pelusi / (Posted on 1/8/2018)
Sweet & Spicy - Best Tea EVER
verified online customer
This tea always generates favorable comments when I sip it in the office! I have turned on several of my colleagues and friends to this tea by offering them a packet of this delicious tea!
Review by Dale Lund / (Posted on 12/27/2017)
verified online customer
My sister liked this tea and shared it with me. Now I drink it all the time. It is hard to fine in the stores by me so it just as easy to order it. Love it.
Review by Linda / (Posted on 12/26/2017)
This isn’t my new all time favorite tea. I cant have a lot of caffeine for medical reasons, and a lot of caffeine free things have let me down. Caffeine free things taste different, bland or not as good as their caffeinated counterparts, but this tea is an explosion in your mouth that warms you from the core (it reminds me of the cinnamon hearts candy that comes out around Valentine’s Day) and I could drink this by the gallon. Best part is that I CAN drink this all the time because it is caffeine free!!
Review by Fae / (Posted on 12/24/2017)
Great Tea
verified online customer
This tea is hard to find in our local stores. It is my favorite.
Review by Barbara Eames / (Posted on 12/20/2017)
most delicious tea
verified online customer
This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE TEA in terms of flavor. I drink it by itself or steep it with a bag of a medicinal tea. My friends love this tea, too. (I do not like the flavor of the organic version of this tea)
Review by joan / (Posted on 12/19/2017)
There’s nothing better
verified online customer
When I lived in Colorado, I was able to purchase Good Earth’s Amazing Sweet &Spicy tea from the local grocery store. Each summer after our summer visit, I come home with a stash. Nothing compares. Finally this year 8 decided to order a case and share with friends here in Texas. Now we are all hooked!
Review by Mary LaFrance / (Posted on 12/18/2017)
Love it!!
Love this tea so much. I limit sugar and caffeine and this is just so delicious. More stores should carry this product.
Review by janet moser / (Posted on 12/18/2017)
sweet & spicy - caffeine free
verified online customer
excellent tea product - sweet tasting , but no sugar
Review by Michael Ellis / (Posted on 12/15/2017)
verified online customer
This tea is the best! I have a cup of it every night, and I absolutely love it. The flavor is incredible and it has just the right amount of sweet and spicy! Can't live without this tea...
Review by Cathy / (Posted on 12/13/2017)
My Favorite Tea
verified online customer
Sweet & Spicy Caffeine Free is my favorite tea - hot OR cold! I have kind of a sweet tooth, and this tea helps keep me away from sugar. I make sun tea, and drink at least two quarts a day all summer long. Then when the weather turns cold, it is my drink of choice. It satisfies with no calories, and I can enjoy it any time of day, because there naturally no caffeine! I just love it!
Review by Salina Keller / (Posted on 12/12/2017)
I was surprised at how good this is!
A friend gave me a bag when she got one for herself, which we then stuck into the bottles of water we'd been given. After 10 minutes or so, I sipped it and was very pleasantly surprised. I stopped putting sugar in tea for health reasons, and perhaps because I've gotten used to iced tea without sugar, this actually tasted sweet to me. Very refreshing!
Review by Rene B. / (Posted on 12/12/2017)
Sweet and Spicy
verified online customer
I love the wonderful combination of flavors in this tea! It smells heavenly and relaxes me at the end of the day!
Review by Kathleen Lamb / (Posted on 12/8/2017)
verified online customer
Life changing!
Review by patricia aguirre / (Posted on 12/7/2017)
So Flavor-Full!
verified online customer
I keep a cup of Sweet & Spicy with me throughout the day. Each bag has so much flavor! I often add more water midway through my cup and still have plenty of sweet and spicy taste to savor! I enjoy drinkinking this wonderful tea hot or cold. I always have bags in my purse and my travel case.
Thank you, Good Earth, for your quick and efficient delivery of my order.
Review by Linda Lamb / (Posted on 12/7/2017)
Favorite tea ever
verified online customer
Love this tea! It's my go to after dinner because it tastes like dessert! It satisfies my sweet tooth without having to have any sweetener or sugar added! And caffeine free means I can sleep at night!
Review by Lee Wood / (Posted on 12/4/2017)
Favorite tea
verified online customer
This is my absolute favorite tea!
I drink four cups a day of this.
Please, please, never discontinue this product!
Your number one fan!
Review by Jennifer R McCusker / (Posted on 12/4/2017)
A little bit of heaven!
I have to thank my daughter Dr Megan Kussmaul for introducing me to Sweet and Spicy Caffeine Free Herbal Tea. It's on my menu morning and night. LOVE IT!
Review by Teri Rickleff / (Posted on 12/4/2017)
Start the day I. The right way
verified online customer
I got out of the coffee in the morning habit and switch he'd to the Sweet and Spicy cafine free. Look forward to it each morning and take it on the road with me in my Contigo travel mug. Stay hot for a few hours so I can enjoy it for the morning. . I'm satisfied.
Review by Donald Way / (Posted on 12/4/2017)
Sweet and Spicy Decaf
verified online customer
This is my favorite tea. The flavor is so satisfying and enjoyable.
I had forgotten how flavorable and fragrant it is.
Love it!
Review by Irene Fortuna / (Posted on 12/2/2017)
Sweet and Spicy Caffeine free
verified online customer
I love the taste and smell of this tea. It is so good. It relaxes me.
Review by Yvonne Sadler / (Posted on 11/30/2017)
verified online customer
The most delightful, satisfying tea! Hot or on ice, I love the sweet, spicy taste.
Review by Julia Wyrick / (Posted on 11/30/2017)
tea for thanksgiving presents
verified online customer
We ordered a batch of sweet and spicy caffeine free tea and provided a box to each adult member of our family for Thanksgiving and served a cup to all takers for dinner. Lots of great comments, and I suspect further orders will follow.
Review by Jerry Von Korff / (Posted on 11/28/2017)
Good Earth Tea for Sale was my idea!
verified online customer
I first experienced the wonderful Good Earth tea at the Good Earth Restaurant in Marina del Rey. Later, when I was with a friend of mine, Julie Nagesh, I believe in the Glendale Good Earth Restaurant, I wrote a suggestion that they market the Good Earth Tea to the public. Since most of the franchises are closed, I am so glad that the Good Earth teas are now available even on the Internet. I love this tea and thank you for continuing to make it available to those who love it - worldwide!!!
Review by Sharifah Rosso / (Posted on 11/27/2017)
my favorite
I love this tea hot or cold! It truly is sweet and spicy.
Review by mlk / (Posted on 11/23/2017)
sweet and spicy caffeine free
verified online customer
So happy to have found this tea online as the walmart where we grocery shop stopped carrying it. I enjoy a cup at night when relaxing before bedtime. I enjoy the warm spiciness of this tea.
Review by Kim Miseyka / (Posted on 11/22/2017)
Robust taste
This tea has an excellent flavor - robust, fragrant and soothing. I love this tea. Buy several boxes!
Review by Donna / (Posted on 11/20/2017)
Sweet & Spicy
verified online customer
This is my favorite tea and almost impossible to find in any of our local stores so decided to get it on line. I am giving these as Xmas gifts this year.
Review by Marcelle Gianelloni / (Posted on 11/19/2017)
My Favorite
verified online customer
This decaf, flavorful,wonderful tea is my favorite. When my cousins from CA, were visiting us, in NC ,I served this tea. Immediately, they knew the tea, the brand, and shared that there had been a Good Earth Tea Shop in their area, that, since, had closed,. They went on to say that this was their favorite tea at the tea shop!! Immediately, I gifted them a box and know they will be new customers very soon. This tea is "just right" on all levels!
Review by Francine Pilloff / (Posted on 11/15/2017)
Best Tea Family Favorite
verified online customer
This tea is so popular with the Family that I order each of them a case each year for Christmas. It is a year's supply or almost so, and they love it! I love it also and I cannot purchase it at my location. Why??
Review by Martha Atchley / (Posted on 11/9/2017)
I love it!
verified online customer
I make this tea by the pitcher and drink it to fulfill my water intake. It is great because it doesn't have caffeine which can increase dehydration. I love the flavor of this tea and purchase my teas by the case from Good Earth.
Review by Jane Nevin / (Posted on 11/9/2017)
Wonderful Tea
verified online customer
We love this tea. It is a staple in our household.
Review by Polly / (Posted on 11/4/2017)
Best Tea
I've loved this tea ever since I was small and would go to the Good Earth Restaurant in Pasadena. It's naturally sweet. It curves my hunger too. Best served cool in my opinion. Although, I was bummed I couldn't find it for a while, until I realized they changed the box!
Review by Michelle / (Posted on 10/24/2017)
This tea makes me happy!
verified online customer
This has been my FAVORITE TEA for years . . . you just can't get the combination of sweet and spicy flavors anywhere else! Sipping it at bedtime is so soothing. And this tea is DELICIOUS iced!
Review by Lisa / (Posted on 10/24/2017)
The best teas ever!
verified online customer
Just love your tea, wish I could find it in Canada! Thank goodness I can buy it on line, and I swear i received it just as my kettle was boiling... Super fast shipping!
Review by Karen / (Posted on 10/23/2017)
Great tasting tea!
verified online customer
This is by far the best tea I have ever tasted !. It has a great cinnamin flavor with a little bite and finishes sweet! I have been ordering this tea for about a year and really love it! I mix it with Sweet and Spicy regular just to cut the caffeine a bit.
Review by Kimberly / (Posted on 10/20/2017)
As Good As Ever
verified online customer
Hi Good Earth, I placed my order for four boxes of Good Earth's Sweet & Spicy tea hoping to find the same great flavor I enjoyed with Good Earth Original spiced tea. The day the order arrived, our three daughters were here and each received a box with one left over for me. We immediately enjoyed the great flavor I remembered from Good Earth Original and were delighted to learn they are one and the same.
Review by Brenda Artman / (Posted on 10/20/2017)
Love sweet and spicy caffeine-free tea!
verified online customer
The sweet and spicy caffeine-free is my tea of choice! My family loves it! We drink it EVERYDAY as iced tea with dinner and I will often sip a hot cup before bed. As the name suggests, it is both sweet and spicy so you need not add anything!
Review by Judy Augustino / (Posted on 10/18/2017)
Sweet and Amazing and Caffeine Free
This tea is the most flavorful tea I've ever experienced. Just like the black tea version, it has a sweetness that is amazing without any added sugar or artificial sweeteners. I always drink this tea hot and not only does it smell delicious, it flavors your mouth with a lovely cinnamon's just seriously the best!
Review by Jill Corcoran / (Posted on 10/17/2017)
My favorite Tea
verified online customer
I have been enjoying this tea for years. It is my go to tea in winter.
This is the tea that introduced me to your company and I have been pleased with many of the other varieties that I have tried.
Review by Earl / (Posted on 10/9/2017)
Tastiest Tea
verified online customer
I love to have a late evening cup of tea while relaxing after a long day and this tea makes my day complete. It has a very fresh cinnamon and fruit flavor that smells as good as it tastes.
Review by Janet / (Posted on 10/7/2017)
It Can;t Be Beat
verified online customer
I originally bought a box at Vons Grocery Co when the doctor told me I could only drink caffiene free tea.That was years ago,and now buy 2 cases at a time.My husband and I both like it hot every morning,and we like it iced whenever the occasion arises. IT'S THE BEST!
Review by Joan / (Posted on 9/29/2017)
Must Try!!!
This is the best hot tea I have EVER tasted. Just like the name says, it's a blend of just the right spice and sweetness. I have a cup after every meal!
Review by Jennifer / (Posted on 8/17/2017)
I love my friends!
verified online customer
A good friend of mine was generous enough to give me a box of the Sweet & Spicy tea after I exclaimed how wonderful their suntea was. I love the sweet taste without the sugar! It's a wonderful blend! I ordered more for myself along with some different flavors to try out. Thank you!
Review by Michael / (Posted on 8/7/2017)
My favorite!
verified online customer
I first tried this tea many years ago while visiting California. I couldn't find it on the east coast and came across it recently and was so excited to try it again as it had been so long. It was even better than I remembered. It is just what the name says, sweet and spicy. It is so tasty, has a nice little "kick" to it. My taste buds are ecstatic! It's hard to find in the store, so when I found a website to order I was so excited and have already ordered 2 cases, but I suspect that won't last me long!
Review by Donna / (Posted on 8/7/2017)
The best herbal tea ever!
verified online customer
I lived in British Columbia for several years and was unable to buy this tea at any store. Moving back to the U.S. and ordering from the website means I can have my favorite tea every day. It keeps me cozy-warm in the winter, and it also makes the best iced sweet tea in the summer.
Review by Alyson / (Posted on 8/7/2017)
A Joy to Have again!
verified online customer
This is the best caffeine free tea ever made! It's great to enjoy while sitting out and watching the sunset. I've found that it makes a very nice iced tea as well and is robust enough to stand up against the ice. I chill it before adding the ice and enjoy the sweetness without adding any sweetener
Summer or Winter, Spring or Fall. You can't go wrong with this tea!
Review by Scott in Tucson / (Posted on 5/6/2017)
Total delight
verified online customer
Well, I did order 12 boxes of my favorite tea. Sweet & Spicy decaf. The service, online site and packaging are top notch.
I have tried numerous brands and blends,nothing could persuade me away.

Review by Michael / (Posted on 5/4/2017)
Love this tea
verified online customer
I was looking for a tea to replace the one that I loved that was discontinued and this is it. Everything about this tea is wonderful. I cannot wait to get up in the morning or come home from work so I can have a cup!! The only fault I find with it is that not every bag has the same flavor. While the majority of the tea bags are spicy and flavorful, some seem to taste like cardboard or without a tea flavor. I haven't noticed a whole box like this but sometimes several bags from a box may be tasteless.
Review by tigerslover59 / (Posted on 8/6/2019)
Love love
verified online customer
Love love this tea put it in the cup add hot water and sip sip away
Review by Ray / (Posted on 6/30/2019)
the best
Hands down my favorite tea! I’m addicted
Review by Erin / (Posted on 5/16/2019)
Red hot candies
If you like red hot candies, you will love this tea. To me, it literally tastes like melted red hots. Hard to believe there is no sugar in this tea. Works well iced or hot.
Review by Audrey / (Posted on 5/11/2019)
Yummy but suspicious
The reviews of this tea being intensely sweet are very accurate. I love this tea but find it very unique in its extreme sweetness. Since by the ingredient list you can see there is more "natural flavor" than there is even cinnamon I wonder what that flavor actually is. I suspect that's where the intense sweetness is coming from.
Review by Jeanne / (Posted on 1/16/2019)
Favorite Tea
verified online customer
Unable to find this tea in the stores lately we ordered online. The price was reasonable, The order came on time. The tea is great. I ordered six boxes .
Review by Ken / (Posted on 5/19/2018)
Green Tea
verified online customer
Great tasting tea! Too bad I have to order it online now, but at least I can still have it.
Review by Patty / (Posted on 4/21/2018)
Great Tea
verified online customer
I enjoy this tea first thing in the mornings. Its wonderful flavor helps perk me up to face my day.
Review by Robert D. Jones / (Posted on 4/11/2018)
I love this tea. I drink a cup nearly every day, and my friends ask for it when they visit. The only fault I find with it is that not every bag has the same flavor. While most are wonderfully spicy and flavorful, some seem to have little spice and taste disappointingly flat. This may be true for one (or a few) or most of a box. Not sure if it is the ingredients or the mixing process.
Review by Susan / (Posted on 3/22/2018)
verified online customer
good flavor, enjoyed this tea
Review by Janet Skjonsby / (Posted on 1/28/2018)
Practically the ONLY tea I can drink!
verified online customer
I must drink herbal teas only for my acid stomach. I LOVE "sweet and spicy" herbal tea! The Roibos makes it taste like a black tea, the spices make it still more interesting, and as I am not allowed very much sugar either, the (no sugar) sweet taste is very pleasing as well!
Review by Sarah Taber / (Posted on 10/18/2017)
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