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Sweet & Spicy Green Tea

Sweet & Spicy Green Tea
The spice of cinnamon and refreshing lemongrass mix with the tang of natural grapefruit and sweet mango flavors
Tea notes: Sweet, Spicy, Citrus

Caffeine level

Ingredients: steamed green tea, cinnamon, lemongrass, natural flavors, rosehip, natural grapefruit flavor with other natural flavors, anise seed, ginger root, natural mango flavor with other natural flavors

As good as our green tea is on its own, there’s something unmistakably magical when we add a bold touch of sweet spiciness to the mix. As one of our most popular flavors, Sweet & Spicy Green Tea delivers on taste two-fold with a blend of tangy grapefruit and sweet mango to counter the spicy excitement of cinnamon, lemongrass, anise and ginger. Enjoy it served hot or cold.

path to brewed bliss hot iced

    • 8 oz
      boiling water

    • 1 tea

    • steep
      3-4 min.

    • remove bag
      and enjoy!

    • 8 oz
      boiling water

    • add 1-2
      tea bags

    • steep
      4-7 min.

    • remove bag and let it cool

    • pour over ice and enjoy!




Best Green Tea Blend on the Market
This is a nice green tea with just enough Sweet & Spicy to make it a perfect blend. If anyone wants or is expecting Sweet & Spicy, then get the original.
Review by Steve / (Posted on 10/29/2017)
No comparison to the original Sweet & Spicy
If you are expecting the bold flavor like the original Sweet & Spicy blend, this is not the tea for you. I was disappointed in the tea, as I was expecting it to taste similar to the original, but with just the green tea instead. I would not buy this one again.
Review by Jill Corcoran / (Posted on 10/17/2017)
Good, but more "Green Tea" than "Sweet and Spicy" tea
verified online customer
I am enjoying this tea, but it is not as Sweet or Spicy as the traditional version. I prefer the stronger flavor of the standard Sweet and Spicy tea, but as a Green Tea I still like this. However my spouse prefers this Green Sweet and Spicy to the original version.
So I'd say if you like your tea really sweet ans spicy, go with the traditional version. For a lighter, greener flavor, buy this one.
Review by Benjamin / (Posted on 9/15/2017)