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Pineapple Blues

Pineapple Blues
Light and refreshing green tea blended with tropical fruits, sweet berries and exotic flowers

Caffeine level

Ingredients: blackcurrant, pineapple pieces (pineapple, cane sugar, citric acid, sulfur dioxide (for color retention)), elderberry, green tea, lemongrass, hibiscus, natural flavor, blueberry, cornflower, organic steviol glycosides

blend no. 64

Like a vacation in a teacup, let our award-winning, handcrafted, tropical fusion of organic green tea, pineapple, hibiscus, elderberry and lemongrass sweep you away to far off lands. Its light and lively notes of fruit make this beautiful blend a wonderful intro into the world of green teas. Discover this fresh, exotic twist on green teas, today.

path to brewed bliss hot iced

    • 8 oz
      boiling water

    • 1 heaping

    • use

    • steep
      4-5 min.

    • 8 oz
      boiling water

    • 1 heaping

    • use

    • steep
      4-7 min.

    • pour over ice and enjoy!

TIP: Adjust tea amount based on your personal taste preference.

Did you know? Good Earth Tea uses pyramid sachets for superior tea infusion!

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Beautiful Blend
verified online customer
What a wonderful blend! Paired amazingly with the lavender infused creamed honey I had at home (and also buy itself). Sweet and mildly tangly...great herbal tea. Wish it was sold in a larger selection, like the Sweet & Spicy Orange Cinnamon is sold in a 6 box size.
Review by Lgski / (Posted on 12/10/2019)
Great flavor, new favorite
I put in a bulk order for my daily go to (Sweet & Spicy Flavored Chai) and decided to throw this loose leaf tea into the cart at the last minute because it sounded interesting. Very glad I did, a new favorite. Sweet and fruity, but nearly as intense as the Sweet & Spicy teas. A great treat when you want a fruity, but mild tasting tea. Smells wonderful.
Review by Chris / (Posted on 12/2/2019)
Full flavored
verified online customer
What a terrific combination of flavors! How can you not love it?!
Review by Amy M. / (Posted on 10/1/2019)
Great fresh flavor
verified online customer
Perfect blend of pineapple and blueberry. Wonderful combo of flavor.
Review by Jody / (Posted on 7/14/2019)
Good tea!
verified online customer
Really liked it. Pretty good substitute for teavana’s pineapple pineapple blueberry blue.
Review by Tara / (Posted on 6/4/2019)
Too cute
I have not taste this tea as of yet but just the thought of pineapple makes it great.
Review by Simone / (Posted on 9/24/2018)
Pineapple Blues
A perfect blend.. Flavorful and smooth. Wonderful hot or cold, but when sipped hot, the aroma announces the coming attraction!! My new favorite.
Review by Algean Jordan / (Posted on 9/13/2018)
I am a HUGE tea fan of all kinds. My kids say I have an obsession rightfully so. I took the tea quiz and received this one as a sample. Delicious warm and cold over ice. I'm excited to try more!
Review by Angela / (Posted on 9/6/2018)
Fantastic blue Sun tea
verified online customer
Since its summertime here in Montana I decided to make Sun tea with my free sample and was delighted to see the blue tea appearing in my jar! Was more surprised with the taste...fantastic!! My new favorite summer tea!
Review by Peggy / (Posted on 6/6/2018)
No Pineapple Blues here!
Delicious, aromatic tea, with just the right balance of pineapple & berry flavor. Delicious as an ice tea!
Review by Dusica / (Posted on 6/3/2018)
verified online customer
I love the pineapple blues, just perfect, the aroma the flavor, great price.
Review by Jacqueline Riddell / (Posted on 5/27/2018)
Tropical Bliss
verified online customer
Great blend and true to its name it tastes of pineapple. I love how smooth all of these teas are. Great taste.
Review by Joye Meyer / (Posted on 5/21/2018)
Best tea ever
verified online customer
This is the absolute best tea I have ever had. Period
Review by Lisa pottinger / (Posted on 2/19/2018)
Smells sooo good!!!
Tast is good too
Review by Irina / (Posted on 2/9/2018)
Love the delicate flavor
verified online customer
Love the delicate flavor and scent of the tea
Review by Ivy / (Posted on 12/4/2017)
Oh my!
I never considered myself a flavored tea person, but just gave this a try! Simply delicious! Now I'm on a mission to see what else I've been missing!!!
Review by Sheshe / (Posted on 10/25/2018)
verified online customer
I tried one sachets hot, very good, but I think I would like it in the summer as a Ice Tea!!
Review by philflip / (Posted on 10/16/2018)
This tea is full of flavor and taste. Good tea!
Review by Dellaby4cs / (Posted on 10/3/2018)
Pineapple Blues!
Pineapple Blues did not leave me blue! I enjoyed the cup of PB all the way to the last drop. Mild but still tasty!
Review by Linda Kerns / (Posted on 5/18/2018)
verified online customer
This tea was so yummy and I loved it,I was skeptical at first after buying Teavana for so long,but I love this tea!!!
Review by Sheri Biggs / (Posted on 2/10/2018)
Tea turns the water bluish purple!
I got this from the Good Earth Thanksgiving Giveaway sample handout, it just recently came in the mail and I must say I was super excited to try it! Took pictures and everything! It came in a little aluminum lined ziplock that had two satchets of Pineapple Blues.

The flavor itself is very delicate, you taste the blues and green tea at first, then the sweetness and slight tropical taste of the pineapple. At least that’s how the flavors hit my palate. It’s enjoyable for those who like a subtle tea to wind down on and enjoy berries. It’s on my wishlist to buy.
Review by Britani / (Posted on 1/27/2018)
Pineapple Blues
It was okay.
Review by Connor Berg / (Posted on 5/17/2018)
A good tea
verified online customer
Pineapple Blues. Was a good tea.
Review by Mary / (Posted on 1/21/2018)
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