Greetings Good Earthlings! Earth Day is April 22nd, and if you haven’t noticed, honoring the planet is exactly our cup of tea. To spread the love, we’re sharing five simple ways to go easier on the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

1. Home Green Home

A greener lifestyle can begin right at your doorstep by implementing small habits into your daily routine. Reduce energy use by switching off lights and electrical appliances when you leave a room. Turn the faucet off while brushing your teeth. Take shorter showers with a low flow showerhead. And boil up just the right amount of water for your tea.

2. Reduce Your “Foodprint”

We’re not judging you, carnivores, but 70% of the world’s foodprint comes from animal products. Try incorporating more vegetarian meals into your week, and avoid processed food when possible. Buying locally and in season means that your food traveled a shorter distance to your plate.

3. Travel Greener

Being a more conscientious driver is better for everyone and the environment. Speeding and unnecessary acceleration are gas wasters – not to mention unsafe driving practices. Whenever possible, walk, bike or carpool to reduce carbon emissions. And BYOT (bring your own tea) in a travel mug instead of buying beverages in disposable cups.

4. Keep it Clean

Clean energy equals a clean planet. Support fossil fuel alternatives like wind and solar energy. Of course, not everyone can afford to install solar panels on their roof, but you can still support organizations and businesses that are investing in a greener future.

5. Embrace the 3 R's

Did you know that 4-8 pounds of CO2 are produced for every pound of manufactured product? That’s why reducing, reusing and recycling are still crucial to environmental wellness. Some easy ways to implement the 3 Rs? Buy more used products, reuse your shopping bags, and resell or donate things you no longer need. (And re-use your Good Earth tea tins – they make great planters!)

Think of Earth Day as a yearly reminder of how we should treat the environment every day, not just on a national holiday. (You’re important on days other than your birthday, right?) And remember, our actions ripple back to us. In being good to the earth, we’re being good to ourselves.