The existence of bees is crucial to our planet and the food that we eat—and drink (ahem, tea!)

Beekeepers across the United States lost 44% of their honeybee colonies from 2015-2016.

While there are many theories as to why bees are dying, insecticides & climate change could be major contributing factors.

30% of the food we eat depends on these pollinating insects.

Without bees we could lose plants like:

  • blueberries
  • almonds
  • lemon
  • avocado
  • cherries
  • peas
  • garlic
  • cotton
  • coconuts
  • onions
  • wheat
  • potatoes
  • watermelon
  • peaches
  • apples
  • eggplants
  • raspberries
  • beans

How can you help?

Buy organic produce
Plant more bee-friendly flowers & herbs (lavender, thyme, sage, geranium, snowdrop, buttercup, sunflower, poppy)
Support local beekeepers (or become one yourself!)
Refrain from using pesticides