…And the crowd goes coco-nuts! We are proud to announce that Coconut Tulsi Melody was chosen as Best Tea at the 2018 InnoBev Global Soft Drinks Awards.

The only organic coconut tulsi tea on the market, the award-winning herbal blend incorporates tulsi (or holy basil) with the silkiness of coconut, the zest of lemon, and the floral notes of rose petals and chamomile flowers – creating a melody of delicious flavors that will make your taste buds sing.

Never heard of holy basil? Originating in India thousands of years ago, tulsi has been revered as nothing short of divine – hence the heavenly nickname. Used in Indian culture as an herb believed to have religious and spiritual powers, we put our own fruity, floral spin on Coconut Tulsi Melody (and we’re so glad that the judges loved it!)

Careful thought went into choosing this mystical ingredient for the blend. “Tulsi has long been used as a tea ingredient to promote health and wellness,” states Elliot Raynsford, master blender at Good Earth Tea. “It has numerous adaptogenic qualities and brings a slightly sweet vegatally body to the tea blend.”

As a brand that seeks inspiration from all corners of the world, Good Earth Tea is honored to be awarded by Zenith, global food and drinks experts and organizers of the 2018 InnoBev Global Soft Drinks Awards. Worldwide contenders demonstrate creativity, innovation, marketing, community initiative and environmental practice in the beverage industry – so believe us, there was some stiff (and tasty) competition!

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