Nothing says summertime quite like the 4th of July. It’s the culmination of all the things that make summer so amazing – the sun, the barbecues, the quality time with friends. What could be better than that? Well, maybe celebrating the 4th of July with some Good Earth Tea! 

This year, Good Earth is celebrating inTEApendence day with a summer sale. For every Boutique item you add to your cart you’ll save $5 (on a minimum purchase of 3 tins)! It’s the perfect opportunity to stock up on your favorites to make refreshing iced teas all summer long. 

So how do you save? 

When you buy 3 Boutique items you’ll save $15 dollars

When you buy 4 Boutique items you’ll save $20 dollars

When you buy 5 Boutique items you’ll save $25 dollars

When you buy 12 Boutique items you’ll save $60 dollars

Not sure which tea to order? Check out some of our red, white and blue favorites and celebrate the holiday with Good Earth! 


good earth rosa de jamaica

Get a burst of cool flavors with our Rose de Jamaica! It’s lemony, tart and has a hint of strawberry. It’s the perfect cold drink for a hot summer day.


good earth coconut crush

Our Coconut Crush is soothing hot (or refreshing iced) – it’s a blend of green tea and coconut. Be sure to make enough because you’ll probably want a refill.


good earth pineapple blues

Try our Pineapple Blues - It’s light and refreshing green tea blended with tropical fruits, sweet berries and exotic flowers. It’s delicious iced!