Our National Hot Tea Month celebration is heating up with teas that aren’t really teas at all—our premium loose-leaf herbal blends!

Unlike true teas, herbal teas are not really “tea” at all, but rather a magical marriage of herbs, fruits, spices, and rare botanicals. There are many different herbal tea types, in this blog we showcase 3 of our favorite herbal teas! These low to caffeine free flavors are an excellent, organic choice for a warm evening drink, but can also be enjoyed as an iced beverage. Our diverse and delicious herbal teas are made from the finest ingredients such as lavender, rose petals, fruit pieces, white chocolate, and a variety of other spices. These come in both loose leaf format and biodegradable teabags, that are available to purchase in reusable tins

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good earth tea rosa de jamaica

Lemony tart hibiscus accentuated by bright lemon myrtle and a sweet hint of strawberry. Rose De Jamaica is our #1 iced tea. It is the perfect amount of sweet and tart is the ideal refresher on scorching summer day or evening. Tip: Add a teaspoon of honey to enhance the natural sweetness.



Rich, full-bodied, basil-like with hints of coconut, lemon balm, and rose petals. Tulsi or "holy basil" originated in India thousands of years ago. The herb has been used heavily in Indian culture as it is believed to have religious and spiritual powers. Coconut Tulsi Melody, an award-winning blend, combines tulsi with fruity, floral flavors to create an exotic tea that you will surely enjoy!


good earth tea CITRUS IRONWOOD

Sweet, floral tea infused with fragrant lavender and zesty lemon flavors. Ironwood is known by a few names, "Sweet Verbana" or "Queen of the Lemon Herbs". Good Earth Citrus Ironwood combines ironwood with lavender, lemon, and marigold petals to create a zesty, robust herbal tea. It is an award-winning iced tea that delivers a strong, floral taste guaranteed to satisfy your thirst and your palate!