A new year doesn’t have to mean a completely new you. When it comes to resolutions, We at Good Earth Tea believe that even the smallest adventures in self-improvement can make a big difference. Here are some tasty ways to make 2019 your best year yet:

Chai New Things

Expand your palate and sip outside your comfort zone. With notes like mango, cinnamon, and ginger, a cup of our new Sweet and Spicy Chai is a refreshing twist on a classic.

Sweeter Dreams

Feeling better in every way can be easy. Give yourself something to look forward to at night with a cozy herbal tea like our Lady Chamomile. This smooth, sweet blend will have you snuggling up in no time.

Treat Yourself

Make self-care a priority this year by carving out more time to do little things that you enjoy. Whether you decide to meditate, take a walk, or unwind with a book and Puerh Indulgence Tea, your body and mind will thank you.

Monday Motivation

Break your addiction to the snooze button by challenging yourself to wake up 5 minutes earlier than your alarm. Motivate yourself with a perky treat that will lure you out of bed and into the kitchen like Sweet & Spicy.

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