It’s nearly the season to be jolly, but we’re considering decorating the halls with something other than holly: peppermint! No flavor is more festive – and once pumpkin-everything-season has passed, peppermint is the flavor to savor.

While we often associate peppermint with winter holidays (candy cane anyone?), it’s a taste sensation that can stimulate and soothe your taste buds all year long.

Where Does Peppermint Come From?

The peppermint any tea drinker would recognize is actually a hybrid of water mint and peppermint that grows all around the globe. Major sources of peppermint include Morocco, Egypt, Eastern Europe, and the United States – mostly from Oregon and Washington. In fact, peppermint from the US is of the most prized in the world because of its high level of menthol, which provides that cooling sensation.

Peppermint + Tea = Perfection

Bright, refreshing, and powerful, we already know peppermint packs a punch. However, when matched with the right herbs, spices, and flavors—you can have pure peppermint magic.

What flavors go best with peppermint? Chocolate. Vanilla. Pepper. Apple. Cinnamon. Ginger. Nutmeg. And more!

When we created our sinfully delicious Peppermint Treat loose-leaf tea, we were on a quest to find that ideal balance of bold flavors. Peppermint can be such an intense nasal experience, so we countered and complemented it with the smoothness of white chocolate. We then added peppercorn to wake up the flavor and turn up the heat just a tad. The end result? The harmony of a full-bodied tea with a slight menthol coolness that peppermint lovers will adore.

Our Minty Madness tea on the other hand takes a completely different approach. We hand-select organic peppermint leaves and then add in the sweetness of carrot and apple, countered with the signature flavor of allspice. Hot or iced, this taste combination refreshes your mouth while easing a bit of the day’s tension – a perfect way to end any meal.

Grandmother Wisdom

In addition to its amazing taste, peppermint tea has long been reported to have other properties. Your grandmother may have suggested a cup when you had a cold or sore throat, and she may have been on to something! Peppermint tea has been used for centuries as a remedy for anxiety, digestive issues, nausea, a cough, bad breath, and more. This is due to high levels of menthol found in peppermint – the same ingredient you can often find in cough drops or toothpaste!

More Than A Mint

Who knew there was so much more to peppermint than candy canes and the round, plastic-wrapped red-and-white mints you get with your check at restaurants? Peppermint teas are the perfect gift for the tea drinker on your list – any time of year.