This is a question we hear all the time from life-long coffee drinkers who are contemplating making the switch to tea. First they ask, “Can it be done?” – usually followed by, “What is the best tea for coffee addicts?” The good news is yes, switching from coffee to tea can be done – and it can be amazing!

Here’s what the potential coffee-switcher needs to know about tea:


Coffee has such a distinct flavor that isn’t easily replicated in a tea. It’s important to start with a tea that caters to a coffee drinker’s taste profile.

Try Coffee Shop Latté Taste…in a Tea

Here’s our number one suggestion for those who aren’t ready to go completely coffee-free – or for those who simply want the best of both worlds. Why not ease the transition with a beverage that’s both coffee and tea, like our Coffee Chai? Yes, we made a coffee-flavored tea that combines the robust flavor of chai tea together with coffee beans! And you can, too. Just brew up some coffee and some chai tea, mix together to taste, add your desired sweetener and pour in milk (frothed, of course)… Et voila, you’ve got a coffee chai latté worthy of any coffee house. (It’s also great over ice!)

Strong Coffee Drinkers Need Strong Tea Flavor

Some coffee fans may find the taste of tea to be a bit weak. Blends with highly flavorful ingredients like turmeric, ginger or peppercorn can dial up the flavor to a level that can make the switch from coffee easier.

Try Something Totally Different

If replicating a coffee-like taste isn’t working for you, try something totally different – like our Sweet and Spicy tea. The unique sweet orange and spicy cinnamon taste combination has been a fan favorite for decades. It’s nothing like coffee…but it’s also nothing like any other tea.

switch from coffee to tea


Something to consider when switching from coffee to tea is the texture (it’s what we in the industry call “mouth-feel”). Tea generally has a thinner consistency than coffee and doesn’t give you that all over mouth experience that coffee can. To up the texture experience, look for blends with significant amounts roasted roots – puerh teas, chicory, dandelion root and beet root all give some of that roasted flavor quality that coffee drinks prize. Like your coffee with milk, sugar or a little frothy? You can still add your favorite extras to most any blend of tea for a similar experience.


We all know that coffee can give you the jitters. Too much coffee and suddenly your hands are shaking and your heart is racing. And while much tea has caffeine, it also has relaxing properties – so you end up with a much smoother caffeine experience. Rather than the instant rush you get from coffee, your alertness increases gradually, more naturally.

If you’re a dedicated decaf coffee drinker who seeks a purely soothing, calming effect, there are many, many caffeine-free teas to choose from. Start with flavors that you already know you like – citrus, berry, exotic fruits – and enjoy the tasting adventure until you land on your new favorite(s).

Reducing or eliminating caffeine is one of the main reasons many people choose to switch from coffee to tea. But it’s important to remember that drinking tea is a very different experience. And the more of a tea drinker you become, the more you can delve into the flavor subtleties that tea has to offer.

The culture of coffee is one of movement; people drink coffee to get going. The culture of tea offers that as well – with an experience that is easier on the body, a gentler awakening that can be enjoyed alone and shared with others.