Witches be crazy!

Get your Halloween par-tea started with 15% off our fall blends. Explore tea blends that we have selected that are perfect for a Halloween or Autumn themed tea party - black tea, green tea, herbal tea and more! Order now—after tomorrow the savings go hocus-pocus!

Apricot Ginger Tango

good earth tea Apricot Ginger Tango

An incredbile ginger tea mixed with the fruitiness of apricot and mango. Fruits, spices, and subtle floral notes dance together gracefully in this iced tea. The ginger is bright but subtle, and the way it glides together with mellow sweetness of apricots and safflower is almost romantic.

Puerh Thins

good earth tea Puerh Thins

Rich, layered flavors of roasted cocoa, blackcurrant and spicy fennel with subtle citrus notes create this Puerh tea. We infused Puerh tea with eleuthero root which has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. To remove the pungency and astringency of this ancient root, we blended in the spiciness of fennel, and sweet and tangy notes of black currant, orange, and roasted cocoa.

Minty Madness

good earth teaMinty Madness

Blended with real organic peppermint leaves, hand-chosen by our tea master, this refreshing herbal tea delivers an uplifting effervescence that is naturally caffeine-free. Excellent when enjoyed after meals, Minty Madness is the perfect cure to refresh your mouth and ease some of the madness in your day.

Pick Me Up

good earth tea Pick Me Up

This savory green tea is a harmonious blend of organic tea and herbs including eleuthero and yerba mate that offer a strong and pleasant aroma and taste. Lemongrass, peppermint and earthy green tea impart a lively, crisp and refreshing flavor in this invigorating blend. Enjoy this full-flavored green tea caffeine hot or iced throughout the day whenever your palate needs a little boost!

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