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  • A Tea For All Seasons

    What does your favorite season taste like? From spicy cinnamon to tropical mango, Good Earth has a flavor for all seasons.

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  • So Cool Iced!

    Make a splash with some colorful iced tea flavors this season! Toss some ice cubes in your favorite blend for refreshing summer treat.

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  • Sweet? Or Spicy?

    It’s hard being just one thing. Sometimes we want a little mystery, a bit of surprise. Just like our signature tea Sweet & Spicy®

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  • Tea Tag Winners

    These twenty-five winning quotes will be immortalized on our tea tags.

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sweet & spicy



Be Your Own Master Blender

Take the flavor you love and give it a little twist. Or go completely outside your comfort zone and mix ‘n match to your heart’s delight. Play with the Mix Master to unleash your creativity. Who knows what new taste experiences you will create.

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Join the adventure

Good Earth is shaking things up with a striking new look and natural wondrous fusions. Come find the flavors you love and see how Good Earth has changed.

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