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Ayurveda Tea Collection

Teas to Soothe the Soul

Introducing Good Earth Ayurveda, a range of caffeine free teas beautifully crafted to help promote balance between mind, body and spirit for holistic well-being. These delicious teas are inspired by the Ayurveda, a 5, 000-year-old system of knowledge with origins in the vedic culture of India which teaches that balance is essential for holistic well-being.


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Discover tea like never before with our premium artisanal tea range. With exotic ingredients and unique blends - herbal, black and green, you can’t go wrong with Good Earth Teas. Take your pick and get started on this wonderful journey.

Don’t forget to check out our exclusive organic line!

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sweet & spicy peppermint

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This perfect pair was mint to be! Refreshing peppermint cozies up to sweet cinnamon and zesty ginger for a combination that will take your breath away!

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sweet and spicy peppermint
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Explore Sweet & Spicy

Some like it sweet. some like it spicy. for those who love both — we are happy to accommodate with sweet & spicy, our most popular and beloved line of teas.

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We eat, sleep, breathe, and of course drink tea. It's simply our passion. Get to know the lengths we go to bring you the finest teas from across the globe.

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